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About FFC Businesses

FFC connects businesses with potential customers

Use FFC to grow your customer base! It is very simple. Business owners add their business details, key data such as location (city, state), lat/long, and the destinations the business spends the most time servicing, to the Fly Fishing Community website. Anytime a FFC user indicates that they plan on visiting a certain destination that matches one of the business's destinations, the business is notified. In addition, the business gets a pinpoint on all relevant Google Maps that get displayed on the FFC site in numerous sections (regional pages, destination pages, etc).
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FFC connects users and businesses

FFC connects businesses with the fly fishing community, using destinations

Fly Fishing Community connects users based on specific destinations. When a user joins Fly Fishing Community, they are asked to visit the "My" section of the site where they attach destinations (or "favorite") to their profile. When one of the destinations they have added as a favorite gets updated, they are notified and vice versa.

In addition to the content that is provided by business owners, bloggers, and authors, the Fly Fishing Community user community contributes to the site with comments, ratings, reviews, pictures, etc. This means that destination pages get data input from numerous sources and that data is digested and discussed by the outdoor community. The idea is that everyone is writing the outdoor destination guidebook together, on the FFC website and on the mobile app.

It's important for business owners to understand that in order to be a part of this ecosystem, they too need to add the destinations that they guide on or have a lodge or (or any interaction with) to their business profile. Once they do that, they are linked into this FFC destination network.
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Connecting the community based on destinations

Add your GPX trips for clients to see!

The FFC staff has received many requests from businesses to allow .gpx files in the trip report form. So we added it! FFC parses the .gpx files from handhelds including... all Garmin nuvi, eTrex, Colorado, Dakota, GPSMAP, Edge, Montana, Oregon, and Rino models, Magellan eXplorist, Meridian, SporTrak GPS receivers, Lowrance iFinder, Endura, HDS, LCX, and LMS GPS chartplotters and fishfinders.

The translation technology we wrote is pretty cool so give it a shot. We create a custom polyline and waypoints plotted on a Google Map. Just translate the file from your device to the .gpx format (you can use http://www.easygps.com/) and then upload that .gpx file in your FFC business trip report.

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Upload your business GPX files

Not a FFC member?

Innovative technology for businesses

Business leads

A favorite among our business users. The leads service will send your businesses a notification when a potential client is identified. Our goal with the leads service is to put relevant, valuable customers into your FFC network!

Condition reports

Anytime you add a report to the Fly Fishing Community site we'll let people in your FFC network know. Also, FFC members who follow the destination you added a report for, will see you added a new report. If those folks aren't in your network then... they are potential customers! We strongly encourage businesses to add reports. Here's why.

Business reservations

On the details page for a business, Fly Fishing Community posts an option for the user to contact or make a reservation with the business. This service will put the business in touch with prospective clients who want to travel to the businesses vicinity.

Business listings

The listing service puts valid businesses on the destination details page for all destinations the business indicates that they focus on. That means that outdoor enthusiasts looking for information on a specific destination will see the business name listed if the business services it.

Blogging tools

Business bloggers who add their feed to Fly Fishing Community can take advantage of our blogging tools. Fly Fishing Community takes all blog posts that have been validated and publishes them within 24 hours on the FFC site. Because they are published here, that means they are instantly published on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, they will show up in Google's search results and will have a direct link back to the original blog homepage.


Business members are able to upload their GPX maps. Show clients your trip courses by tracking, saving, and uploading your .gpx files.

Facebook integration

Any activity that a business member posts about a FFC destination will get posted on our Facebooka app if the business member so chooses. In addition, if a member chooses to integrate their facebook account with Fly Fishing Community, then the posts they make will be visible on their facebook activity feed as well.


The YouTube service sniffs out a business member's videos and brings the videos into the site. That means a FFC member can add a tag to their YouTube video(s) and when the service finds it, it will pull it into the site and post it within 48 hours.


The business widgets allow members to publish their FFC content anywhere on the Internet. Currently FFC offers the following widgets: Reports, Pictures, News, Blogs. If a member posts any content in one of those categories it will show up on their remote widget. Awesome. Whenever a widget is published (code gets copied/pasted) on someone's site or blog, FFC content is published to that widget in real time.


More exposure for your biz! The FFC Twitter posting feed takes condition reports and publishes them to Twitter. The linkback to FFC will show the business that added the report with links to the business's details page.
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