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Osprey Outfitters Guide Service & Fly Shop in Montana

Osprey Outfitters Guide Service & Fly Shop summary

Osprey Outfitters Guide Service & Fly Shop is a fly fishing business in Hamilton, Montana. Please view the pinpointed location for Osprey Outfitters Guide Service & Fly Shop on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).
Business type: Guide Service
Business name: Osprey Outfitters Guide Service & Fly Shop
Address: 1963 North First Street
City: Hamilton
State: Montana

Osprey Outfitters Guide Service & Fly Shop comments

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Osprey Outfitters Guide Service & Fly Shop reports

Sean OBrien (ospreyoutfitters) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: ALMOST TIME FOR SALMONFLY MADDNESS!

Well all local rivers are dropping like a rock right now. In the last four days the main stem of the Bitterroot River has receded over 50%! However, it is still running very high and is not yet fishable. Now, the answer to the million dollar question is.........soon! The West Fork is dropping fast and barring any huge rain storms (which may happen this weekend) we should start to see some decent fishing on nymphs sometime next week (June 11th or so). The nymphs have started their migration to the banks and the fish are going to start keying in on them. We need to water temp to be in the magical number of 50 degrees for the adult Salmonflies to start hatching. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the really good dry fly fishing will start on the third week of June. When it does you better be on it. I am headed out to R&D the Westfork next week and will report on conditions then. In the mean time sit back and pray for cooler temperatures.

If you do venture out to the Westfork anytime soon, THERE IS A LOG JAM BLOCKING THE ENTIRE RIVER AROUND RAMBO AND AT MARTY'S BRIDGE! You will need to portage around them so be VERY careful. To avoid the mess you can put in at Canoe Access site and from there down the river is clear of any major messes. PLEASE BE CAREFUL THE WESTFORK IS STILL RAGING AND EXTREME CAUTION AND RESPECT IS THE NAME OF THE GAME!
Sean OBrien (ospreyoutfitters) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: ANOTHER PUSH OF WATER!

Fishing on the Bitterroot River has slowed considerably in the last two days. The river has risen over 500 C.F.S. in the last 36 hours and now is at 1,700 C.F.S. at Darby. This has made for almost impossible conditions. The only way to find fishable water is to get into the slow back channels and target active fish. We are still seeing a few Skwalas out and about as well as good numbers of Spring Drakes, Blue-winged olives. In the last few days there have been good numbers of Mother's Day caddis out. If you can find fishable water, the evenings when the egg-layers start hitting the water, have been very good. They are calling for overnight temperatures to be 40 degrees and warmer. So look for the real push of water to start REAL soon, unless overnight temperatures moderate. (05/05/09)
Sean OBrien (ospreyoutfitters) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: COMING BACK INTO SHAPE!

Fishing on the Bitterroot River is rapidly coming back into shape after the latest push in water.
As of today the flows at Darby are 1,400 C.F.S. and continuing to drop. Typically when the
Bitterroot River flows are at 1,400 C.F.S. and lower the soft edges come back there is a lot more
fishable water. A couple guide friends of mine were out yesterday and started seeing some good
surface activity. There are still a lot of Skwalas out as well as Blue-winged Olives and the
Spring Drakes. As long as the water behaves, we will see some good fishing in the next couple of
weeks with Skwalas and drakes. Typically, the Skwala hatch lasts until May, then we will start
to see the first caddis hatches. On most years we are able to fish into the first week or two of
May then the real push of water starts. If you need to get a fishing fix on the Bitterroot River
I would get out there soon because runoff is right around the corner! (04/30/09)
Sean OBrien (ospreyoutfitters) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: This is the magical third day of dropping water on the Bitterroot River. By now all the big fish
have successfully fought over holding lanes and will start to feed again. As of this morning the
Bitterroot was running at 912 C.F.S. at Darby and continuing to drop. However, with all the
latest snowmelt the biggest factor now is water temperature. Yesterday at Darby the water temp
only got to 37 degrees. That being said, the next few days of warm weather will definitely get
the water back up to that magical number of 43 degrees. That is the good news. The bad news is
that if it gets as warm as they are predicting this weekend and into early next week, we are
going to see the Bitterroot come up again. This will surely slow down the fishing to say the
least. There are still tons of Skwalas, nemouras, Spring drakes and Blue winged olives out.
This pattern of up and down water will persist until we see overnight temperatures over 40
degrees; once that happens the Bitterroot will be in full blown runoff mode. Until that time, if
you are not fishing in the next few weeks, you might as well start tying Salmonfly patterns. (04/16/09)
Sean OBrien (ospreyoutfitters) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: This is what you all have been waiting for. The water temps are now at 43 degrees. The Skwalas are out and the fish are definately taking notice! We got 40 eats on dry flies yesterday. There are also a ton of nemoras, capnias and midges out. You will not have this river to yourself. Please be patient and respectfull; there is plenty of water. Also the rainbows are in pre-spawn mode. Please be careful when hadling these fish.
GOOD FISHIN' (03/20/09)
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