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TEAM7x Fly Fishing in Eastern CT in Connecticut

TEAM7x Fly Fishing in Eastern CT summary

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TEAM7x Fly Fishing in Eastern CT is a fly fishing business in Chaplin, Connecticut. Please view the pinpointed location for TEAM7x Fly Fishing in Eastern CT on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps). Guided evening fly fishing on Eastern CT's finest dry fly stream, designated as a Trophy Trout Stream...the Natchaug River. Fly casting lessons, group instruction. Full Sage equipment provided. "Salmon on the Shetucket" fish for Atlantic salmon on the Shetucket River in the autumn!
Business type: Guide Service
Business name: TEAM7x Fly Fishing in Eastern CT
Address: Rt. 198
City: Chaplin
State: Connecticut

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TEAM7x Fly Fishing in Eastern CT reports

Tom flifishri@yahoo.com (flifishri) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Remember to check the Shetucket River condition by calling 860-456-4115. Breaker is OPEN is good...river is fishable. Breaker is CLOSED means the river is high due to releasing water and better to avoid. Try streamers in varying colors, buggers, leeches, etc. Salmon Stocking on the Shetucket! We were by chance at the Shetucket on Wednesday, October 3 and filmed a short video of the CTDEEP folks stocking the Atlantics. We fished some of the holding areas, but these beauties were still figuring out what to do outside of the hatchery! Should be good fishing in a few days! Took a few trout which are present in the runs and pools. Video on out blogsite. google team7x We stopped by the Natchaug at dusk and trout are holding in some of the deeper pools, however the flow is very low, but the water is surprisingly cool. (10/05/13)
Tom flifishri@yahoo.com (flifishri) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Natchaug River update, May 11 The rains at the end of last week brought the river up a bit and improved the flow. Following our casting clinic at Charlie Brown Campground, we spent a few afternoon hours on the river. As the caddis began to appear mid afternoon, the trout became active but for the most part wanted no part of dead drifted patterns. Once we switched to caddis emergers, fished with movement just under the surface, we took a number of nice fish, mostly rainbows. Our "Natchaug Top Twelve" selection features CDC "go-to" emergers that are very effective during a caddis hatch, and today was no exception. Trout were clearly keying on the caddis emerger as it rose thru the water column. Saw a couple of March Browns; this emergence should become steadier in days ahead. We'll be ok for a bit on the Natchaug providing we get rain once or twice a week or so. Thanks to TEAM 7x member Steve on his yearly visit to CBC and the Natchaug, for presenting us with some great patterns he had developed and tied. (05/15/13)
Tom flifishri@yahoo.com (flifishri) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Friday night, 6/9/2012. A few sulphurs, spinners late. Several nice Browns on a pale yellow hackle stacker. Saturday the 16th we're at Charlie Brown Campground for no charge fly casting lessons. Sage equipment provided...or bring your own. See more at our site TEAM7x click on "Fly Fish the Natchaug River" banner. (06/09/12)
Tom flifishri@yahoo.com (flifishri) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: The Moosup River 4/2 was in midseason form with a prolific hatch of Epeorus pleuralis (Quill Gordons) in mid afternoon. No need to wait for opening day in Connecticut, the dry fly action is happening now! Stoneflies are still in the mix but the trout were keying on the quills which covered the water for an hour or so. Later around 6 pm caddis began to show along with a solid hatch of tiny blue-wing olives...just amazing for early April as the air was filled with insects in the fading daylight! The water and flow is LOW which does not bode well for the upcoming weeks. As a barometer, the Natchaug today is at 56 cfs, unheard of for this time of year. These are late June/early July flows! We've been successful with the standard quill patterns, hackle stackers and when the trout key on the fluttering stoneflies, a black emergent caddis pupa with elk hair wing fished on top works just fine; any dark flat or down wing pattern will get close enough to a stonefly look-a-like for success. (04/04/12)
Tom flifishri@yahoo.com (flifishri) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: The flows are perfect now on the Moosup, open year 'round, since most CT waters are now closed until 4/21/2012. Nearby RI anglers will find this the nearest open river/stream, since there are currently no open streams in RI. On warmer days (@ 50 degrees) trout are actively taking early stoneflies sz. 14-16 black bodied, on the surface. A black bodied deer hair caddis will work; almost any dark color body with a down wing, including soft hackles floated on top or small stimulators. Lots of nice water to explore...be willing to wade/walk and watch the undercut banks for the risers! No need to go below the surface since the stones have been emerging streamside and fluttering to the water's surface for a few weeks now and the trout are keyed in! Drag free!! (03/13/12)
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TEAM7x Fly Fishing in Eastern CT descriptions

Tom flifishri@yahoo.com (flifishri) wrote - Easily wadeable and fishable April thru early July. Again in September. (03/23/11)
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