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Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures in Michigan

Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures summary

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Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures is a fly fishing business in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please view the pinpointed location for Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps). Year round guided fishing for salmon, trout, steelhead, Smallmouth Bass, Pike & more. Fly fishing and light spin tackle. From beginner to advanced angler, all ages & skill levels welcome. Individual instruction to large group/corporate outings. Professionally endorsed, FFF Certified Casting Instructor, 14 years of service to anglers fishing west Michigan.
Business type: Guide Service
Business name: Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures
Address: 5388 E. Heathwood SE
City: Grand Rapids
State: Michigan

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Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures reports

Jeff Bacon (jrbotf) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: The Muskegon river in west Michigan is one of the most diverse fisheries in the Midwest and hosts both cold and warmwater species of fish. A short drive north of Grand Rapids, finds the Muskegon river near Newaygo, MI a fine coldwater fishery with both brown trout and rainbow trout. The water levels on that stretch of the Muskegon are running near normal for this time of summer. Insect hatches of interest to trout and the fly fisher include morning BWO's and Trico's, both better on cloudy days. Equipment of choice would be a 4 or 5 weight fly rod with standard weight forward line and a leader tapering down to 2-3# test - such as 6 or 7 X. Water temps in the low 70's. Above the Croton Hydroelectric Dam, just outside of Newaygo, the Muskegon river becomes a much better Smallmouth Bass fishery and is coming into its own as a prime one for fishing the "dogs days of summer". Equipment to use would include both light spin gear with body baits and soft plastics, with 8-10# line. Fly fishing gear would include weight forward floating line, as well as a sinking/sink tip fly lines. Topwater flies would be frog and general "popper" patterns, sinking line setups would be used to cast articulated leeches, crayfish patterns and gold/copper/yellow streamers. Water temps in the upper Muskegon in the mid 70's. For more information or to schedule a full or half day outing, please call Jeff at 616-656-4172, or contact via email at jrbacon@ameritech.net - (08/08/10)
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Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures descriptions

Jeff Bacon (jrbotf) wrote - The "Joe" is a large river that flows from northern IN, into Michigan and eventually empties into lake Michigan at the port town of Benton Harbor. A very good summer smallmouth bass fisery, it also gets a fair fall salmon and spring steelhead run. Known most for its summer Skamania steelhead run, the Joe can hold a lot of fish, when conditions are right. Best to fish from a boat, which allows for much greater coverage. (08/10/10)
Jeff Bacon (jrbotf) wrote - The Rogue river, just north of Grand Rapids, is a tributary to the Grand river and has both resident trout, as well as a fall salmon run and spring steelhead run. Primarily a cold water river, it will get some smallmouth bass and walleye in it, during summer months. Best to wade fish this small, intimate river. (08/10/10)
Jeff Bacon (jrbotf) wrote - The "PM", is a small switchback river that flows from just east of Baldwin, MI to the port town of Ludington, where it empties into lake Michigan. A historic river in the world of trout, it received one of the first successful plantings of brown trout back in the 1870's and to this day still puts up trophy brown trout. It also receives migratory runs of fall salmon and spring steelhead. Can be fished by wading or from a boat, it has many access points along the way. (08/10/10)
Jeff Bacon (jrbotf) wrote - The Muskegon river, near Newaygo, MI is best known for it's year round trout fishing, impressive fall salmon runs and some of the best fall, winter and spring steelhead fishing found in the United States. Spanning over 100 miles, it starts in northern Michigan and flows primarily south, before changing directions to a westerly flow, before emptying into lake Michigan at the port town of Muskegon. Best fished from a boat, it does have some wading access. An outstanding year round fishery for both cold and warm water species of fish. (08/10/10)
Jeff Bacon (jrbotf) wrote - The l"Little Man", as it's known, is a spring fed, cold water river that holds resident brown trout and receives migratory runs of both fall salmon and spring steelhead. Located in west central Michigan, it empties into Manistee lake, which in turn feeds into lake Michigan. Best fished on foot, the "Little" is just that, a small river, with its fair share of obstacles. (08/10/10)
Jeff Bacon (jrbotf) wrote - The Kalamazoo river in SW lower Michigan is known for it's warmwater fishing, such as Smallmouth bass and Pike, but does receive a summer run of Skamania steelhead. Best fished from a boat, it doesn't have much public access beyond a few hundred feet up or down from primary boat access sites. (08/10/10)
Jeff Bacon (jrbotf) wrote - The Grand river is Michigan's largest, spanning over 150 miles from it's origin, just south of Lansing, then flowing east to empty into lake Michigan in the port town of Grand Haven. Both warm and coldwater fish use this system to migrate up and within. Fall finds Chinook & Coho salmon, lake trout and "fall" steelhead. Warmer months will find good Smallmouth bass, Walleye and Northern Pike. Best fished from a boat, the Grand is a large, wide, slower moving river with a lot of water to cover. (08/10/10)
Jeff Bacon (jrbotf) wrote - The Flat river, in west Michigan just east of Grand Rapids, is a warm water fishery, featuring good Smallmouth bass and Carp fishing. Centered in the town of Lowell, MI, it's a significant tributary to the Grand river. Fished from both shore and boat, it can provide some great mid-summer fishing for all. (08/10/10)
Jeff Bacon (jrbotf) wrote - The Betsie river is a small coldwater river in NW Michigan, which empties into lake Michigan in Benzie county. Primarily sand bottom, it does narrow down and pick up more diverse habitat the further upstream ones goes. Known for its fall salmon run, the Betsie is best fished frotm a boat, but can be wade fished in few areas. (08/10/10)
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