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LaPrele Flyfishing & Hunting Preserve in Wyoming

LaPrele Flyfishing & Hunting Preserve summary

LaPrele Flyfishing & Hunting Preserve is a fly fishing business in Douglas, Wyoming. Please view the pinpointed location for LaPrele Flyfishing & Hunting Preserve on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps). LaPrele Flyfishing & Hunting Preserve Private access to 2.4 miles of world class Brown, Rainbow, and Brook Trout fishing. No hatchery fish. No guides or outfitters, self guided only. 850+ acres 20 miles SW of Douglas, Wyoming. Includes Cabins and campsites. See www.laprelecreek.com for details.
Business type: Lodge
Business name: LaPrele Flyfishing & Hunting Preserve
Address: Cold Springs Road
City: Douglas
State: Wyoming

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Steve Park (steve@laprelecreek.c) wrote - A spring creek tributary of the North Platte River. Drainage is Laramie Mountains and Medicine Bow Forest SW of Douglas, Wyoming. Named by early French beaver trappers, like other streams in the area(LaBonte).
Upper portions have Brook Trout up to 10", lower areas have Brown and Rainbow Trout up to 24". No G&F planting or hatchery fish. Fish repopulate well. Portions of stream freeze solid in winter, temps to -40 common. Entire creek length has an active beaver population, with large numbers of dams on the upper portions. Large summer insect hatches are typical for Wyoming altitudes from 4,500 to 10,200 feet. Typical large spring snow-melt runoff from April to May, then irrigation return waters keep flows on lower portions good until mid-late August in normal years.
Almost all private lands adjacent to creek, access is difficult. Some upper portions are on state and federal land, but these are measured in hundreds of feet, not miles. Very little pressure from the general public fishing on this stream. (09/30/09)
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