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Circle Valley Anglers Anglers Inn in Utah

Circle Valley Anglers Anglers Inn summary

Circle Valley Anglers Anglers Inn logo
Circle Valley Anglers Anglers Inn is a fly fishing business in Circleville, Utah. Anglers Inn is a home away from home, a fully equipted kitchen with dining area and two bedrooms along with a full size family area with 36" direct TV.
Business type: Lodge
Business name: Circle Valley Anglers Anglers Inn
Address: 350 SO. HWY 89
City: Circleville
State: Utah

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emmett doane (emmettdoane) wrote - Asay and Mammoth creeks combine to form the headwaters of the Sevier just south of the town of Hatch UT. Asay and Mammoth are two of our favorite fisheries, both loaded with browns and rainbows. Just after the confluence the river hopscotches through private and BLM land for several miles, there are several spots to cast a fly along this path. After confluence with Panguitch Creek just north of the town of Panguitch UT. the Sevier winds its way through farm and ranch country for about 15 miles, it then enters Circleville Canyon and the fishing starts to pick up. We have never landed large numbers of fish here but if you don't mind spending a few hours on the stream to catch a trophy this could be your spot. The river rolls through the town of Circleville UT. and on to its confluence with the East Fork at Piute Reservoir. It then rambles through several miles of BLM and private land again the fishing in this section really strats picking up and as the Sevier enter Marysvale Canyon the fishing is some of the best we have ever seen. rainbows and browns are abundent on this section of stream. (10/21/11)
emmett doane (emmettdoane) wrote - The jewel of Southern Utah, the East Fork begins in Bryce Canyon National Park and flows north through steep canyons to its confluence with the Sevier. Along this path several miles of Blue Ribbon Designated stream is easily accessed, countless pullouts are available. Most of the stream is artificial fly and lure only. But the best thing about the stream is that you and your party will probably be the only fishermen on the stream for miles. The East Fork of the Sevier is not a highly publicized stream, oh there have been several articles in Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine but we don't get the crowds that many of the better known waters to the north see. The East Fork flows through Black Canyon and Kingston Canyon, the majority of these canyons are blue ribbon stream bordering private land. Browns, Rainbows and Cutts call this stream home. The best time to fish the east fork is from late sring after run off through the month of November. Daytime temperatures during this time range from 80's - 30's and night time temperatures from 60's - 20's. (10/21/11)
emmett doane (emmettdoane) wrote - Antimony is a cold clear mountain stream, beautiful red rock cliffs stand as a gateway to this stream that sits in Dixie NationalForest. Wild rainbows, browns and cutts inhabit this stream all eager for your dry fly. Two and three weight outfits really shine on this stream. Late spring through November is the best time to fish Antimony. Spring, summmer and fall tempeatures range from 80's to 40's in the day time and 60's to 30's at night. The elevation at Antimony is 6500 - 7500. (10/21/11)
emmett doane (emmettdoane) wrote - The Sevier river is one of the longest South to North flowing rivers in the United States, we fish the Sevier from just south of the town of Hatch UT. north for nearly 60 miles. The Sevier paralles U.S. HWY. 89 staying in sight of the Highway for most of the 60 miles. Access is readily available with numerous pullouts along the Highway. Our favorite time to fish the Sevier is early spring and fall. The Sevier is a perfect river to either learn to fly fish or brush up on advanced skills. Flows during late spring and summer are regulated by the water users authority meaning that the river is used for irrigation. Just north of the town of Junction UT. the Sevier enters Piute Reservoir along with the East Fork Of the Sevier. The Sevier exits the reservoir as the best tailwater fisherie in Southern UT. (10/21/11)
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