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Sarasota Fly Fishing School in Florida

Sarasota Fly Fishing School summary

Sarasota Fly Fishing School is a fly fishing business in Sarasota, Florida. Please view the pinpointed location for Sarasota Fly Fishing School on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps). Sarasota Fly Fishing School Calsses held monthly with Pete Greenan, a FFF Master Certified Casting Instructor Curriculum; The Essentials of Fly Casting Basic Casting Instruction Fly Fishing knots and Leaders Advanced casting for distanceLocal hotels within Sarasota will do fine.Novice & Intermediate Class -$95.00 On-Water Advanced Class - $300.00 One-on-One 2 hour class - $150.00
Business type: School (Classes)
Business name: Sarasota Fly Fishing School
Address: 2416 Parson Ln.
City: Sarasota
State: Florida

Sarasota Fly Fishing School comments

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Sarasota Fly Fishing School reports

Pete Greenan (captpete) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Happy New Year, it's got to be better than the old one!
Fishing this week has been a real pleasure. The fish were happy and the anglers were successful. What more can you ask for?
Redfish have been the target species due to the super low tides we've been experiencing. Seatrout are beginning to get more active and there is a plethora of ladyfish and small jacks around. Most redfish came on the beginning of the incoming tide, but for a couple of days the fish were tailing as late as 4:00PM. Harry Davis and Fen Sartorious fished early last week taking redfish and seatrout on fly and jig. I've attached a picture of them with a double. Harry also took a very nice seatrout over 20 inches. The Cox family caught trout, ladyfish, seabass, flounder and more while fishing with me, Capt. Ed Hurst and Capt, Kelly Stillwell in Sarasota Bay. Big family, lots of fun. Ted Mariner and his day fished Boca Grande on Saturday taking seatrout and ladyfish, but hooking and losing a really nice redfish. Darren Wright, from Bampf, Alberta Canada, a fishing guide on the Babbine river and his lovely lady, Missy, fished Monday taking lots of ladyfish, a few seatrout and four nice redfish. Darren is an accomplished caster and his talent helped take two tailing reds in Whiddens Creek. ( see attached pic.) Drew Miller and his wife Laura spent a day in Boca Grande on Tuesday. Laura learned the ins and outs of saltwater fly casting taking her first saltwater fish ever. Drew, fishing the salt for the first time, was thrilled with the diversity of our fishery and caught dozens of ladyfish, hooked and lost (cut off) a big bluefish and a couple of seatrout. The weather is predicted to remain constant for the next week or so. That means little rain, continued warm, sunny days and good fishing. Now that the holidays are behind us there will be very few anglers on the water. If you like to fish where you see almost no one else, now is the time in Boca Grande.
Fish Hard,
Capt. Pete
Pete Greenan (captpete) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Warmer weather and the new moon will make fishing improve next week. Redfish are abundant in the back country pot holes and along the mangroves. Little Tunny are showing well in the near shore gulf taking the Estaz marabou, Crease flies and smallish brown backed baitfish imitations like a Puglisi.
Bluefish, ladyfish and Spanish mackerel are in the deeper portions of the harbor. Clouser minnows work well for them all. A few pompano have been showing up in and near the passes. A bright chartreuse Clouser is excellent.
The morning low tides will see more tailing redfish in the next few days. Small crab and shrimp imitations are the most popular choices, but try a larger white fly in the surface film fished quickly to draw an agressive response.
Fish hard,
Capt. Pete Greenan (12/25/08)
Pete Greenan (captpete) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Boca Grande, Fl. 20 Nov. 2008 Winter fishing can be tricky, but this week proved to be as stable as the mid-summer. The weather was cool every morning and warm every afternoon. We had abundant sunshine all week. That is changing this morning. A cold front is approaching and the weather will be warm and wet this afternoon. The dropping barometer will make fishing very good. I've added a picture of Al White with a nice redfish we took this week. I was privileged to fish with Dr. Gary Eaton this week. Gary is a surgeon from Missouri who spends a lot of time working with disabled people teaching them how to fly fish and tie flies. He is very active in Project Healing Waters, an organization the Federation of Fly Fishers supports that helps veterans learn better life skills through fly fishing. Gary caught seatrout, ladyfish and redfish in the basins behind Bull & Turtle bays. Earlier in the week Dusty Sprague, John Hand and I tested Dr. Eaton for his Master Certification. He passed easily. The MC is the FFF Master Certified Casting Instructor test. It put Dr. Eaton among the 160+ Masters in the world. The weather and tides indicate it is time to look for snook in the creeks and rivers that feed Charlotte Harbor. For the next two weeks I'll be fishing the redfish in the back country and searching the creeks for snook. It can be very exciting stuff. Why don't you come and join me. Fish Hard, Capt. Pete Greenan (11/30/08)
Pete Greenan (captpete) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Tailing Refish and Snook are the most sought after species now. Many Redfish are also in the back-country over sand bottom flats. Excellent sight fishing. Jimmy Harris of Unicoi Fly Shop in Helen, Ga. caught reds to 6 lbs. this week. Spanish mackerel and False Albacore are in the near shore gulf and will take flies regularly. Ladyfish, bluefish adn seatrout are also plentyful. (11/07/08)
Pete Greenan (captpete) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Boca Grande, Fl. 13 August 2008 Boca Grande shows off its best stuff in the summer. Recent trips have produced excellent tarpon and snook fishing. The weather can be iffy because of the isolated rainstorms, but they usually pass in a few minutes. Is it hot? Yes, it is, unless good cloud cover surrounds the area. Then it is down-right pleasant. So we fish early and get off the water before it gets too hot. If you look at the home page of my web site you'll see some pics of recent catches. See www.floridaflyfishing.com Brendan Roberts and his brother Shann had a great day on Monday last catching tarpon and ladyfish in the upper harbour. Shann had never cast a fly before but managed a bunch of ladyfish and 40 lb. tarpon. Brenden hammered a big 'poon and put it to the boat in only 45 minutes. Not bad for his second tarpon ever. Last week I traveled to Hernando Beach, Fl. to fish with FFF Board of Director member, Roger Maler. Roger, originally from Memphis, was looking for help finding fish in his new home area. After an unsuccessful attempt to find tarpon offshore, I took him into the estuaries and rock outcroppings near the mainland. We found snook in less than two feet of water and a few big redfish in water just covering their backs. Roger was surprised at how spooky big fish in clear, shallow water can be. Unfortunately, we were not successful at landing any, but it was sure fun all the same. I recently had luck finding school redfish on the grass flats of Whiddens Creek. As the summer progresses, we will find more and bigger schools in the same area. Snook are moving around a bit now. Some are still on the beach at the surf line and others have mved into the back country. My best catches are on an Estaz marabou and a sand/white Puglisi fly. Outgoing tides have been the best for snook. Pre-daylight fishing under lights is still an excellent way to take snook. Trips often start at 4:00 am so we can snook fish before going after tarpon. It can be a hard day, but very rewarding. I hope to see you all this summer. Fish Hard, Capt. Pete (08/15/08)
Pete Greenan (captpete) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Tarpon and snook are fishing very well right now and will continue until the first cold fronts this fall. Redfish are beginning to school. Reports of a few bonito (false albacor) are coming in from the Venice and Boca Grande areas. (07/13/08)
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