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W.S. Hunter & Co. in New Hampshire

W.S. Hunter & Co. summary

W.S. Hunter & Co. is a fly fishing business in Concord, New Hampshire. Please view the pinpointed location for W.S. Hunter & Co. on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).  Intermediate Fly Tying Ellis Hatch March 15,2008 Long time NH Fish and Game Commissioner, outdoorsman and an avid fly fisher and fly tyer all wrapped up into one. A production fly tyer for W.S. Hunter. In this single day class, focusing on trout flies for New Hampshire and Maine, Ellis will hone your tying skills and perhaps apply them to what he fondly calls his “Flies for Enticing Reluctant Trout”. $85.00 Saltwater Patterns for the Northeast Joe Calcavecchia TBA You can see many of the patterns Joe has become renowned for in our saltwater fly section. A production fly tyer for Dave Beshara at American Angling in Salem NH for many years and an avid fisherman, when not on the golf course, Joe’s Deceiver, Eels and Grocery Flies are some of our most popular saltwater flies. $100.00 Tying Flies That Catch Trout Angus Boezeman & Alan Erdossy March 28, 2008 The class will focus on flies that will take you through the New England fishing season from opening day through fall. Participants should bring tools (vise, scissors, hackle pliers, bodkin and head cement. Note: loaner sets are available), and possibly a notebook. $100.00 Tying Flies That Catch Fish Angus Boezeman & Alan Erdossy March 29, 2008 Impressionistic and attractor flies catch fish, but the art of fly tying can best be expressed in more realistic patterns. This class will introduce a full range of flies designed to fool trout, steelhead, salmon and stripers. Dubbing brushes and new materials will also be introduced. As above, students should bring tools and a vise. $100.00 Leaders Untangled Angus Boezeman & Alan Erdossy March 27, 2008 New This Year- A Friday evening seminar 7 to 10 PM A complete review of fresh and saltwater leader design, knots, and material options. Save money and gain control of your cast by tying your own leaders. How to tie and when to use droppers, what the big deal about furled leaders?, and when it makes sense to buy a leader will be covered. If you enroll in either the Saturday or Sunday tying class with Alan and Angus there is no additional charge for this session. $45.00 Spey Casting Clinic Jim Rusher May 17 and 18th In this two day seminar Jim Rusher will share his knowledge of Spey Casting and fishing with a Spey Rod. Jim has been teaching Spey Casting for over 20 years and was formerly the head Spey Instructor for the Orvis School. he has taught well over 2000 anglers how to Spey Cast. Jim will offer instruction on both the right and left handed single spey, both the right and left handed double spey, snake roll for both sides, snap-T from both sides, and leaders, lines, rods, reels and just fishing in general. Tuition is $175.00 for both days and includes lunch. Bring your own equipment, use Jims, use some of the Scott demo equipment or try them all.
Business type: Fly Shop
Business name: W.S. Hunter & Co.
Address: info@wshunter.com
City: Concord
State: New Hampshire

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