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Anglers Addiction in Colorado

Anglers Addiction summary

Anglers Addiction is a fly fishing business in Pueblo, Colorado. Please view the pinpointed location for Anglers Addiction on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps). Our shop name is Anglers Addiction. We have a serious fishing problem, we do have meetings every morning over coffee, but we are not quitters! Stop by for Coffee, flys, and lies they are always available at our shop!

Many classes available including begginers fly fishing classes, fly tying classes, and entomology classes related to fly fishing.

call for more details. 1-719-296-5886 

Multi day trips to stillwater available with lodging.

Multi day trips on the Arkansas River Tailwater Available.

Small creek fishing in high alpine setting, multi day trips available on the Cuchara River.

Call for Details. 1-719-296-5886 

Business type: Fly Shop
Business name: Anglers Addiction
Address: peakprfm1@aol.com
City: Pueblo
State: Colorado

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Anglers Addiction reports

Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 4 - Poor fly fishing: The flows are big and the water is chocolate. I expect it to clear up by the 25th, the bureau of Reclamation is ramping the flows back down right now. I believe they are going to hold the flows around 1900cfs for 2 weeks which is great for float fishing but tough to wade. (05/16/09)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: very low flows, suckers and carp are spawning everywhere. They are stocking tomorrow (3-7-09) (03/06/09)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Its that time of year the holidays are taking up all our time, the fishing is bad, and the weather is too cold. Yeah right I hope thats the way you keep thinking because the fishing is unreal, the weather is great if you dress for it, and fishing is a great excuse to get away from uninvited relatives. Stay off the water so I have it all to myself till spring. I appreciate the cooperation. (12/05/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: We camped saturday in the gorge (20 degrees) and floated Sunday. fishing was good 16 fish in the boat 1 person fishing. Some fish are still on the beds. beautiful day (11/17/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: I just got off a 1 day float through the gunny I landed 9 fish over 17" 25 to 35 fish total the river was on fire! I used one fly all day long, an articulated leech (umpqua pattern) it is a must have fly I have used it all over the country the trick to it is using a loop knot to activate the ultimate movement. check it out (11/03/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 4 - Poor fly fishing: all the browns are on their reds please do not fish to spawning fish. Guides depend on these fish to productivly spawn so that they will have a job in the future. WARNING: You will most likely get rocks thrown at you if you are caught walking through spawning beds or snagging spawning fish. The locals will not warn you! (10/24/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 4 - Poor fly fishing: I just got off the river yesterday. We have 90% browns and 10% bows in the river and the browns are in full spawn. I picked off a few bows that were eating eggs behind the browns but fished very little. I will not fish for the spawning browns, I look at it like this: If you were making babies with your lady I wouldnt mess with you, so dont mess with the fish when they're making babies. You can ruin next years generation of browns by stressing the fish on their beds, its just not worth catching a couple fish. On the other hand the water was low and crystal clear, the fall colors were beautiful, and the bald eagles and ospreys are in the canyon this time of year. Great time to float bad time to fish. (10/20/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: The float fishing season in the gorge is over do to loosing the horse packers to elk guiding trips. But if you have the ambition to hike your own boat and gear down the trail it is the perfect time to do so. There is very little foot traffic and little to no boats. Browns are staging to spawn and rainbows are right behind them. (10/14/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: We have had a lot of weather moving in and out of the canyon this week. As barametric pressure raises and lowers the fishing has turned on and off throughout the day. This is not out of the ordinary but it has been more noticable than usual. (09/21/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: The water is as clear as it gets (gunny green) and the weather is starting to change its a great time to go fishing! The big fish are right on the banks tucked under every dark shadow along any structure. They are easy to find but only a streamer will move them and your accuracy has to be dead on, with in one foot of them. (09/05/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Hopper fishing is slowing down these fish have seen a ton of hopper patterns this season and are starting to get smart. We have been doing great on streamer patterns they are creating an explosive instinct strike, but you only have a one foot window to put the fly in so practice your casting before you come. September is always good Im looking forward to it. (08/30/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: We did a one day float yesterday with one fly and one fly only! A size 6 articulated leech! We caught a ton of big fish and moved a lot more than we caught. Great day on the water defiantly one to remember! (08/22/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: The August full moon always screws everything up, the night fishing is good but tough fishing through out the day. Give it a week or so and it will be back to normal. (08/20/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: This isnt actually on the west fork but it is in the cimmaron mountains. I hit a stonefly hatch/moth hatch at 10,000ft yesterday that was unreal! Native cutthroats up to 17"! All day long on stimulators (08/03/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Gunny Gorge is looking great clear water hoppers and streamers all day long. 2x or 3x leaders and tippet no shy fish (07/31/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Just got off the water yesterday. Streamers and hoppers all day long big stupid fish! (07/21/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: It is the tail end of the stonefly hatch and the yellow sallys are coming off in swarms. The dry fly fishing has been great but we are going to have to resort to nymphing and streamers now to find the big boys. (07/13/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: SALMONFLIES ARE IN THE AIR! (06/21/08)
Ben Olson (riverratben) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: The fish have been in pods lately. The 10 to 14 inch fish are mostly sitting in the slack water at the tail ends of the riffles sipping either BWOs or midge emergers. You can catch them on drys but an emerger on the swing will catch you more fish. The big boys have mostly been found in the deep deep water dredging the bottom but some have been sitting in the pockets and shallow slack water in the morning and evening. The male bows are full of sperm this is a little out of the ordinary for this time of the year. (12/30/08)
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