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Fort Smith Fly Shop and Cabins in Montana

Fort Smith Fly Shop and Cabins summary

Fort Smith Fly Shop and Cabins is a fly fishing business in Fort Smith, Montana. Please view the pinpointed location for Fort Smith Fly Shop and Cabins on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps). The Fort Smith Fly Shop and Cabins offers guided float trips, lodging with spectacular views of the Bighorn River, a fly shop, flyfishing school and boat rentals. The Bighorn River is arguably the finest trout stream for flyfishing in Montana if not the world. Big Sky Country, long summer days, cool, clear starry nights and plenty of big trout. There are many great fishing lodges throughout Montana, but the Fort Smith Fly Shop and Cabins has the finest accommodations on the fabulous Bighorn River . If you are looking to catch big, wild, powerful trout that will take you into your backing, the Bighorn is the place for you. Fort Smith is a small, former cavalry outpost nestled in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains .   We specialize in guided fishing floats on the Bighorn. We provide the most personalized service of any shop in Fort Smith. The comfortable and friendly atmosphere is only one reason people come back year after year. .YOUR SCHOOL EXPERIENCE WILL INCLUDE: LODGING Our cabins are complete with full bath. Each cabin has a 360 degree panoramic view featuring the river, mountains, birds and wildlife. ALL MEALS - All you can eat meals. Any dietary restrictions will be honored. CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION - Classes will be limited to 6 students each session CASTING PRACTICE ON THE BIGHORN RIVER AS WELL AS ON GRASS CLASSROOM GUIDE BOOK CLOSE PERSONAL ATTENTION GUIDED FLOAT TRIP ON THE BIGHORN RIVER We offer new cabins with full bath ... The cabins have a 360° panoramic view featuring the river, mountains, abundant birdsand wildlife. The cabins are equipped with satellite television, satellite radio, air conditioning, heat, a mini fridge, fly tying table, and very comfortable beds. There are private decks on each cabin. Relax and enjoy the spectacular sunsets over the river. Each cabin is yours exclusively. Lodging Rates Standard Rates: $60.00 per person, per night $100.00 minimum Cabin 1 $150.00 minimum, Cabin 2, 3 Plus State of Montana lodging tax 7%
Business type: Fly Shop
Business name: Fort Smith Fly Shop and Cabins
Address: PO Box 7872
City: Fort Smith
State: Montana

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Fort Smith Fly Shop and Cabins reports

Ellyn Nadeau (Ellyn Nadeau) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Weather has been extremely erratic which has also made the fishing inconsistent. When we have had days when the weather fronts have come in, i.e., cold, wind, snow, rain, falling barometer, the fishing has gotten more difficult along with the presentation to the fish. On good weather days, especially when it is sunny, fishing improves and has been good to excellent. These trout in the Bighorn have always liked consistency in weather. Water temperature at the Afterbay remains a cold 38 degrees. The fly patterns we have been using are for nymphs: red midge larvae, black midge pupae, size 18-22, orange and pink scuds size 14-18, ray charles size 16-18, pink and tan sow bugs size 14-18 as well as San Juan worms. On some days there are good midge hatches and we use single midges in size 20-22. Baetis which should be strong by now have been spotty because of the weather and for those we use a size 18 adult dun. Yesterday it was sunny, 70 degrees and the fishing was fabulous. The weather should get better as we are almost into May and the fishing should improve. (12/30/08)
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