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Pere Marquette River Lodge in Michigan

Pere Marquette River Lodge summary

Pere Marquette River Lodge is a fly fishing business in Baldwin, Michigan. The Pere Marquette River Lodge fly shop is a full service Orvis Endorsed fly shop located at the head waters of the famed "flies only-no kill" zone of the Pere Marquette River.Steelhead, salmon, trout, fly tying and fly casting classes offered throughout the year. For class schedule log onto www.pmlodge.com We have a 10 bedroom lodge with dinning hall, 5 rustic cabins and two river front houses. Along with the full service Orvis endorsed fly shop we are your ultimate fly fishing destination.
Business type: Fly Shop
Business name: Pere Marquette River Lodge
Address: 8841 S. M-37
City: Baldwin
State: Michigan

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Pere Marquette River Lodge reports

Joshua Mead (checkyerfly) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: The steel are here! Steelhead are spread out through the entire river system, good number and large fish are being reported. Cold snaps slow things down a bit, but this weekend looks very promising with warming temps and maybe some rain. Could this bring in more steel? Maybe, if they are out there waiting it is always a possibility. Brown trout have been feeding actively, trying to pack on the lost pounds from spawning. Eggs, nymphs and swinging flies are the way to go. Folks we have lots of snow up here, so be caution driving up and while you are out on the water. Good luck, be safe and take a kid fishing today, they are our future. (12/12/08)
Joshua Mead (checkyerfly) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: Things have slowed down a bit folks, Old Winter has tightened his grip and blown in some cold temps. Don't get me wrong, the fish are still there, just a little slow right now. Eggs are still the most popular fly choice right now, however, prince nymph, hex nymphs, hare's ear and stonefly nymphs are also getting some action. Those of you who like to swing, swinging flies for steel has been doing alright. Water is low and gin clear so tippet selection and presentation is everything. 3-4x tippet is common right now. Browns are in post spawn and looking for some meals to pack on the pounds. Good luck and dress warm. (12/05/08)
Joshua Mead (checkyerfly) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Fishing is good folks, you may have to work for them a little, but they are there, they are everywhere. Steelhead are starting to spread throughout the entire river system getting ready for the winter holdover. Deeper holes, slots, runs are producing. Eggs, nymphs, streamers and swinging flies are all producing. Browns are in the post spawn and looking for some hearty meals to put the pounds back on. Decent rainbows, 16-20 inch class, being caught on the nymphs. The fishing is starting to shape up. Get up here before the massive blows of winter arrive and slow things down. Good luck and please take a kid fishing today, they are our future. (11/28/08)
Joshua Mead (checkyerfly) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Sorry folks, been out of touch for a while. The steelhead are in, good numbers in the river system however,they are starting to spread throughout. Cold snap has slowed things down a bit, but they are still there, holding in deep pools with wood or other structure. Brown's are nearing the end of spawning, they will be searching for nutrients for energy and fat for the winter. Rainbows are picking away at nymphs and eggs. Fishing is good, dress warm, don't forget the hand warmers and please take a kid fishing, they are our future. Good luck. (11/21/08)
Joshua Mead (checkyerfly) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: We got a shot of rain two days ago, but not too much. Water stained up a little but will be clear by end of today. Fishing is pretty good early morning and then late evening into the night. Avoid the aluminum hatch at all cost with the clear water. Hex hatch is on and has been for a couple of weeks, mousing is always good and will continue through the rest of the summer. Stimulators have been my best over the last few days, landed a nice 15" rainbow and 19" rainbow on stimulator with orange body yesterday evening. Night fishing is when the slobs come out and put on the feed bag. Lot of brown trout and steelhead being caught on hex flies. Streamers work well early morning and if the water is stained. Don't forget the bug juice, the mosquitos have been brutal this year and take a kid fishing today. Good luck out there and be safe. (07/04/08)
Joshua Mead (checkyerfly) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: When is summer going to get here. The answer may be this weekend. Warming temps will definitely get the bugs buzzing. Have seen sporadic hatches last couple of weeks, but cooling temps have pushed them back into the trees. Streamer fishing has been there and been consistent. Nymphing is on and producing some nice catches. With the warming temps the prolific gray drakes will start and the fish will be feasting. Hope ya'll get out and good luck. (05/23/08)
Joshua Mead (checkyerfly) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: Well folks, what can I say, steelhead are pretty thin these days, however, the browns are filling in the void nicely. Streamer fishing is there even in clear water. Nymphing is also there for browns and rainbows. Best time is the last two hours of daylight and cloudy conditions. Good luck and take a kid fishing. (12/30/08)
Joshua Mead (checkyerfly) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Got some rain today and more is expected. Cooler temps arriving also should slow the fast paced spawning that has been going on and extend the season a couple more weeks. Fishing in general has been pretty good, with all species active. With recent rains and clouds, streamer fishing should be good to go, nymphing with stones, hex's nymphs and eggs has been producing well. Few trout feeding on top, but should fall with rain and cooling temps. Trout opener this Saturday should be good and will be busy. Take a youngster fishing and get them involved in the great outdoors. (12/30/08)
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