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Hack's Tackle & Outfitters in Wyoming

Hack's Tackle & Outfitters summary

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Hack's Tackle & Outfitters is a fly fishing business in Saratoga, Wyoming. Please view the pinpointed location for Hack's Tackle & Outfitters on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps). Hack's shop is small but mighty and sits right on the banks of the North Platte River as it flows through Saratoga. Hack's carries everything you need from rod and reel to line, leader, tippet, flies, fly tying material, waders
Business type: Fly Shop
Business name: Hack's Tackle & Outfitters
Address: 407 N. 1st Street
City: Saratoga
State: Wyoming

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Michael Patterson (hack) wrote - The upper North Platte River is regarded by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department as the "Premier Blue Ribbon Wild Trout Stream in Wyoming" with 3200 catchable fish per mile. The North Platte River near Saratoga flows into Wyoming through the Platte River Wilderness Area, flowing north. The North Platte River free flows (no dams) through three distinct eco systems: mountain conifer, valley floor hay meadow and desert for 150 miles offering diverse and spectacular scenery along the way. Because there are no dams on this stretch of the North Platte, flows are seasonal with highest flows coming in the spring as the mountain snows melt and rush downstream. The best fishing is right after the river flows "peak" for the year...usually mid June. Fishing continue to be good into the fall with some of the best fishing occurring then. Abundant wildlife and many species of birds are likely to be seen on a trip down the North Platte River. (05/15/10)
Michael Patterson (hack) wrote - The Encampment River flows through the ruggedly beautiful Encampment Wilderness Area. A tributary river of the North Platte River, the Encampment is also rated as a Blue Ribbon wild trout fishery. It flows north, as does the North Platte River and is smaller, requiring the use of rubber rafts to float it. There are three diversion dams between the Oddfellows access point and the Treasure Island access point (on the North Platte) that must be traversed, lending adventure and excitement to the trip. In addition to being a great fishery, clients can expect to see bald eagles, osprey, great blue herons, pelicans, ducks, geese and many songbirds. It is possible to also catch sight of deer, moose, mink and beavers. The best floating time on the Encampment is mid-June to mid-July, but wade fishing is good from early spring through late fall. (05/15/10)
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