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C.A. Guide Service @ Red Moose Lodge in Michigan

C.A. Guide Service @ Red Moose Lodge summary

C.A. Guide Service @ Red Moose Lodge is a fly fishing business in Baldwin, Michigan. Please view the pinpointed location for C.A. Guide Service @ Red Moose Lodge on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps). Red Moose Lodge & C.A. Guide Service on the Banks of the Pere Marquette River with guiding on the Muskegon, Manistee & White Rivers for Trout, Steelhead, Salmon, etc.We teach flyfishing to anyone who books a trip ~~~ be they young children or adults. I have been told by my customer that I am very, very good at teaching~~~~therefore they come back over and over. I have a fly tying desk here at the Lodge that all our guest are welcome to use while they are here. If I have the time, I would be happy to share my knowledge with you. There are also books with the desk that show tons of patterns. Little South Branch Cabin & Red Moose Lodge New in 2008...all of our rooms have been completely remodeled. New ceramic tile, carpeting and paint. We offer a variety of rooms to fit everyone's needs. Included in each room is a TV/VCR combination with cable, air conditioning, coffee maker and wader hangers. With each paid room rental you also receive a continental breakfast, free use of our community telephone with local and long distance (not including international calling)included and use of our beautiful 7 person hot tub. For larger parties, we also offer a cabin for rent. (see our "cabin" page for more information). Please note that the cabin ise not located on our current Red Moose Lodge site. It is located less than 1 mile from the lodge and is a few hundred yards from the Little South Branch of the Pere Marquette River. For more information on our rates please go to www.redmooselodge.com & Find out more about our amenities. Fishing Rates Are As Follows: Full day trip (8 to 10 hours) $325.00 (*pricing is for 1 or 2 people) includes everything listed above. Peak Season: March 15th - April 30th and September 1st - October 15th. Half day trip (4 to 6 hours) Only available during non-peak season $225.00 (*pricing is for 1 or 2 people) includes gear, tackle, transportation, snacks and beverages. Drift and Dinner trips (4 to 6 hours) non peak season only $225.00 (*pricing is for 1 or 2 people).. Great for a short getaway. Look at fall colors, bird/wild life watching and winter scenery. * Please add an additional $100.00 for a third person addition (must be pre-approved by guide) **Gratuity not included but is greatly appreciated.
Business type: Guide Service
Business name: C.A. Guide Service @ Red Moose Lodge
Address: 8982 S. M-37 Hwy
City: Baldwin
State: Michigan

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C.A. Guide Service @ Red Moose Lodge reports

Clint Anderson (ClintAnderson) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Clint took me out for a trip----what a great Mother's day gift. I caught my first 2 steelhead + one Pike. He has a new Jet Sled so the ride was what I wanted and he gave it to me as you can see by what my hair looks like from the first picture to the 2nd. He said the first was 8 pounds and the second was 10 pounds but I couldn't hold on to it so no picture. All in all we had a great short 3-4 hour trip. We put in a Custer. I don't do the reports so this is all you get this time. Mama Moose from the Red Moose Lodge in Baldwin, MI. (12/30/08)
Clint Anderson (ClintAnderson) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: 5/1/2008 Just got home from the Muskegon and fishing was great. Caught some nice Steelies. Give me a call and let go fishing---I have a trip booked for Sat. and Tuesday but open the rest of the days. My new PowerDrifter is great. (12/30/08)
Clint Anderson (ClintAnderson) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: April 30, 2008 Hi All The river out back looks great. A light stain and good wading conditions. Last night I walked into a smaller trib and pitched around a little hardware for about a hour. I came up with 2 16 " browns but the water was alittle darker and faster than on the main branch. I still hear reports of good catches of Steelhead on the PM and MO. So if any of you are looking for a little revenge there is still a few shots left to be given out to Mr. Steel. This time of year we can always make a day of fishing for browns if you would rather. The hardware and streamer bite is good for the browns and even the occasional Steelhead will attack on the retrieve.
I have been out on the PM and the MO. Both are fishing quite well. My friend John Robinson and I went down to fish a few hole's on the MO. It was bright and sunny day. We did very well with most of the fish being pushed off the gravels by traffic and sun. Some of them were very tight hens. My last couple trips on the PM were good a few Steelhead on gravel and some trout fishing mixed in between spots. If fishing either river you may have to cover some water to find the good pockets of Steelhead.
Turkey season has been good. I was in my old stomping grounds on April 28 th. only to find another hunter has and was screwing things up for us both. I still managed to get a bird going late that mourning after things settled down a little ( he left). The bird hung up at 50 yards either I over called or under called not sure witch. The next mourning the 29 th. I got out late around 7 A. M. and I only heard one gobble way out. Around 9 A.M. I started one up and he was going nuts. He was hung up and strutting at 50 yards for a min. then I fired him up some more trying not to over call. It worked he came on into 20 yards and the 12 gage barked.
My friend John Matson bagged his turkey that mourning as well just after 10: 30. My bird was around 3 years old 10 1/4 " beard , 20.5 lbs, and 7/8 " spurs. Not the wall hanger I was hoping for. This is the third bird I have shot in that area and they have all been about the same size and age ( cookie cutter gobbler ). The next one that I will mount will be a 12 " beard and 22 lbs. + model. I always look forward to Turkey season but even look more forward to sleeping in with a bird in the freezer.
Steelhead season is still lingering around and trout fishing has started decisions, decisions. Walleye season has opened and the Turkey season is going strong. I almost forgot John R. and I went out picking mushrooms yesterday afternoon. The blacks a greys are popping. John has a much better eye and experience he picked about 4 doz and I found about a dozen. Spring has sprung get outdoors and enjoy it.
Tight Lines and Strait Shooting Clint Clint Anderson Red Moose Lodge www.redmooselodge.com 888-939-6667 (12/30/08)
Clint Anderson (ClintAnderson) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Trout Opener is this week-end and we still have rooms available. (12/30/08)
Clint Anderson (ClintAnderson) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: April 16 th. 2008 Hi All Nice to see almost all the snow gone. There is a lot of line wetting going on out there on the rivers. Some doing very well and some with just a little sun on the face and cold feet. I would say the run is on! With good numbers of fish in most rivers. We are still waiting for some of them to settle down a bit to see what showed up. The weir at Custard has passed about 2038 as of Sunday 4-13. I have had both good and slow days, depending on conditions. My new Clackacraft is in. First day out was on April 11th. Already, it has been broken in and boated fish the first day out. A very nice boat. Scott had the first Trout released quickly after a quick kiss. Dave from the group had the honors of first Steelie in the boat and first ever on the fly. Dave had a great battle with a large fresh hen with high water conditions. She was hooked well on a # 6 Salmon glow bug. Dave, with first Steelie on the fly. 16 ' LP w/ Mega Box With the last 2 times the river has come to it's banks there has been the usual excitement. Downed trees caused and a few boats to find out how fast 1400 - 1600 cubic feet per second actually fills up a 14 to 16 foot hot tub. Along with a few baptisms, facials and some great stories to go along with. Use caution out there during high water. There are many days we don't leave the boat more than once. Some days never when it's really pumping. I will tell you this I could use a break from pulling the 25 # add on chain. It works great in high water especially in the new boat. I like to make a tire chirping sound when it hits the river floor and the boat jerks to a stop. Nice buck Steelie. He washed up in the PM for his picture Getting the fish was worth it! Ryan with his first Steelhead out plugg'en in the Power Drifter. The river is shaping up and getting some clarity even in the lower sections. There has been more than enough boats in the fly water as of late. You might be surprised to find yourself a little peace and quiet down stream and learn some new water as well. Pressure has been light down there and the bite has been up and down like anywhere else .Solitude is trump many days in my book. The word parade has been a popular word to describe it up top. Most of that has been because of all the dirty high water down low. Mark with a nice silver hen Steelhead There has been a good # of people getting there shoulders in shape for streamer season. Rowing for guys working for a strike from a Trout is my very favorite way to catch fish period ! The next is pitching hardware for a rest from the streamer. Mousing is fun but no visual attack. The pop noise on the surface in the middle of the night you will never forget mousing. Dries are great but not much exercise. I like a vicious strikes and a slap on the water from a big bunny leach or half a chicken on a hook. Pretty fish this time of year. I have a few dates open coming up April 22,23,25 and from the 27 th. on it opens way up again. The run should be great even late this year. So for those of you that have been waiting for nicer weather it is on the way soon along with the rest of the run. Today it is 65 and we are cleaning up the yard getting ready for the Spring and Summer season. My Turkey permit is in hand for the second season. The mourning of the 28 th. I will hopefully have a 12" bearded Tom gobbling up every word I whisper in his ear. Then the 12 gage will bark and it will be back up to King's for the weigh in and my picture on the wall. Turkey dinner for a week after that. Get them guns sighted in and your area scouted. Let's hang some birds! The opener is April 21 for some. We have some great openings at the lodge for trips and lodging. All the trips have been in very good company and I have had a great time with all so far this season. Tight lines and Shoot Strait Clint (12/30/08)
Clint Anderson (ClintAnderson) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: March 26, 2008 Hi All I hate to say this too loud but the river could use a shot of water. It has been kind of on the low side. This means we have been having a slow melt off. The fish in the upper river are starting to get busy on the beds. Along with that I notice from others fish pictures are starting to get darker and darker in color. Spring is here in theory, according to the calender, but yesterday A.M. we had 2 inches of wet snow hit the ground. The snow was all soaked in and melted off by the end of the day. It gave us a little shot of water. It looked nasty first thing in the morning. We still went fishing anyways and it turned out to be a fine day on the water. March 25 th. Chris Reins and I went for a little plugging in the lower river to guage how the run is going down there. We landed 3 Steelies and a Pike with a couple other slap hits. Nice fishing with you Chris. I'm really liking the new boat. It has a couple new slimy spots on the floor. I thought about cleaning it but why wash off the good luck. March 24th, John Robinson and I went for a little lower river trip. We landed 3 Steelies and had about 9 slaps. It was a very nice day to be out there until the wind would slap you in the face. Burr that wind was cold. March 19th, Greg and I went for a adventure on a mid section of river. Greg had just gotten back from out West in the Washington rivers where he was spey casting for Steelhead. He came to Michigan to see some of our Great Lakes style of fishing. He figured out quickly this river wouldn't be to spey friendly. I told him that some people use them here but the are over gunned and he would be better off with a rod under 11 feet. I assured him there are plenty of other rivers close by were spey rods are used and make perfect sense there. We worked on casting the indy rig and getting the indicator to ride strait and long drag free drifts. Once again we worked all the likely spots and changed our flies many times but no fish to reward our efforts. The fish weren't in the feeding lanes or in the feeding mode. The adventure part begins with trying to get the boat out at Sulack. I unhooked the trailer up top then took the truck down the hill. I Dropped the air down to 12 lbs. in all 4 tires locked in the front hubs. I pulled the boat out first. Now I had to make it up the hill. We both knew we could make it down the hill but gave our self's less than a 40 % shot on the up hill side. The truck started off walking up the hill and it looked like a cinch. 50 feet from the top my rear tires kicked out of the ruts and slid with the slope of the hill and there I sat in a foot + of wet snow. A couple calls to a towing company and I was out and a little lighter in the wallet. 50 feet might as well been 50 miles. I called a friend or 2 but no one was around to help but Jason at BBT. Thanks Jason for sending the tow truck out. Next time I try that one will be with new tires and a wench on the front of truck. On the 20th, we went up high were there wasn't much of a chance of getting stuck. Right off the bat in the first spot the bobber dropped and it was Fish- on, Fish - off a few cast later he landed his first 16" Brown Trout. Then the Ball of Fire made it's way over the trees and made it warm and cozy day on the river but the bite was very lack lustered. We heard reports of a few Steelies that day making it to the net but not many were hooking much of anything. Nice spending a few day on the water with you Greg. Come back after winter is over. March 17th and 18th, John Robinson and I went on a couple scouting missions and we wound up mostly running into trees and shelf ice at launches not to many fish were around. I'm pretty sure we would have hit a few if they were around we're pretty darn effective with plug's and spawn. As you can tell by the reports the fishing is hit or miss but getting better everyday. I have to cut this short just made a river trip plan with my friend John R. and it's off to the river in a hour from now to do some more sore mouthing. I have a few rooms left open here at the Lodge and some good dates open to go fishing as well. Give us a call and let 's make a plan of our own. Tight Lines Clint (12/30/08)
Clint Anderson (ClintAnderson) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: (12/30/08)
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