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Johnson's Allagash Lodge in Maine

Johnson's Allagash Lodge summary

Johnson's Allagash Lodge is a fly fishing business in Mapleton, Maine. Please view the pinpointed location for Johnson's Allagash Lodge on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps). Katahdin Air business profile. Many of the businesses we have highlighted in past blogs are of the standard variety. They are a team of happy people trying to make you happy when you come to visit our incredible area. However, this business is kind of unique in that it is basically a one man specialty company hidden away in the big woods north of Allagash Lake. Johnson’s Allagash Lodge is a wonderful log cabin and lodge complex built with deft by its founder Bob Johnson around 1986. Since then this one man company specializing in exclusive fly fishing trips for eastern brook trout and blue back trout has amazed many with his woods lore, knowledge of the local flora and fauna and his dozens of secret trout holes. (He numbers them…I think so I can’t figure out where they are.) Since Bob Johnson is himself the business we are highlighting here I thought you might like to meet him. So I asked him to say a brief hello: “I was a lucky lad, because although my childhood home was in suburbia Howland, Ohio, two square miles of wild undeveloped land abutted my neighborhood. Academics or sports were not my strong points, and while they didn't understand, my parents somehow tolerated my menagerie of northern Ohio fauna. After high school, two colleges, and a degree in wildlife biology, I followed my dream to live in the north woods and run a trap line for furbearers, at least for a couple months a year. Eking out a living, for a free spirit in northern Maine, has meant many different jobs, but for now, my vocations and avocations include building and running a fishing and hunting lodge, maple syrup production, Christmas tree farming, nature studies, flying, log construction, raising my teenage daughter, and lately, chain saw sculpturing. Life at Johnson's Allagash Lodge May thru November is good, and really keeps me hopping, because for the most part I am a one man show, but catering to one small party at a time is what the place is all about. Since the first log was set in place, nearly twenty three years ago, the “lodge” has evolved into a mostly catch and release, fly fishing destination, while bird and moose hunters, are guests during October. Even with many lakes and ponds close at hand, the “front door” water, Narrow pond, is a favorite among our friends. To stand on the dock with my yellow lab, “Fauna”, and watch the trout rise, and hear the loon, is only one of many blessings that have come my way.” Bob Johnson If you look to explore new trout holes with a side order of “lets meeting the flora and fauna of the Allagash region,” you should first get a get a birch bark moose call, point it to the North, and scream to the top of your lungs “hey Bob do you have any openings for the drake hatch around the first part of July?” Or if that does not work try www.allagashlodge.com for info or get a direct audience with jalodge@yahoo.com . Please be patient sometimes he gets running off into the woods and it might be a few days. Need a ride? www.katahdinair.com fly@Katahdinair.com 1- 866-FLY-MAINE
Business type: Guide Service
Business name: Johnson's Allagash Lodge
City: Mapleton
State: Maine

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Johnson's Allagash Lodge reports

Jim Strang (katahdinair) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Just flew the Shurmer party out of Bradford Camps. They had a great trip...LL Salmon up to 22 inches with many fat 18 inchers. It pays to hit the smelt run. Fished streamers on top. Go 2009 (05/06/09)
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