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Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures in Michigan

Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures summary

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Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures is a fly fishing business in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please view the pinpointed location for Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps). Year round guided fly fishing trips in West Michigan for trout, salmon, steelhead, bass and more.For lodging information and links, visit www.westmichiganflyfishing.com and click on "Lodging, Links & Information" tab. Scroll down to see various lodging options based on what river you're fishing; the Manistee, Pere Marquette or Muskegon rivers.
Business type: Guide Service
Business name: Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures
Address: 5388 E. Heathwood SE
City: Grand Rapids
State: Michigan

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Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures reports

Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Due to recent heavy rains, the Muskegon river came up significantly a few days ago and remains well above normal flows.
Hatches have slowed down considerably, but some bugs are still coming off throughout the day. Trout had been feeding on the surface regularly and will likely continue to do so once water levels come down. Smallmouth bass fishing had been good-very good in the week+ prior and will only get better in the weeks ahead. (06/11/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: West Michigan's Muskegon river, near Newaygo, MI,is fishing very well for rainbow and brown trout as they key in on great hatches. Initially, it was the cinnamon caddis that had trout looking up, but now it's a buffet of caddis, sulphurs & gray drakes. Recent cool front brought evening hatch-spinner fall activity down a bit, but it will return in the warmer days of this coming week.
Smallmouth bass fishing with streamers is producing some nice fish as well. (05/31/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Our annual spring steelhead run is still in progress, with fresh fish having arrived in just the last couple days. Due to higher than average flows and lower than average water temps over the last month+, we've had one of the longest, "good" steelhead runs in nearly 10 years. Some may have found fishing to be a bit of a challenge at times during the run, but that was for those who relied on seeing fish one/near spawning gravel, which I was fortunate enough to fish around quite regularly. Quality fishing still there to be had !!! (05/09/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: The Muskegon river has dropped in water level and come up in river temp over the last few days. Our spring steelhead run is in progress and going well. Despite the recent drastic drop in flow, the fishing is good and should be for the next few weeks. (04/16/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Water levels on the Muskegon river near Newaygo, Michigan remain high for early April, but still in good shape overall. Some spring steelhead are spawning, others are staging near spawning grounds. Fishing has been good though, with some very energetic steelhead testing both man and tackle in recent trips. (04/04/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Recent warm weather brought more snow melt and as a result, most west Michigan rivers came up in flows. However, along with some of this water came steelhead fresh from lake Michigan. We're setting up for a great spring run, as more than adequate numbers of fish are in the Muskegon river system, as well as most other lake Michigan tributaries in west Michigan. Trout fishing picks up on sunny days when the river bottom has a chance to warm ever so slightly....just enough to get nymph/larva moving a bit. (03/04/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: With a big warm weather pattern that came through Michigan a week+ ago, most all rivers came up and some, like the PM, got a fresh batch of steelhead with it. Levels have since dropped, but fishing is still good. Floating line-indicator rigs on 7 or 8 weight rods, with a egg/nymph combo flies has worked well. Rains of yesterday and overnight will certainly bring the Pere Marquette up in flow and down in visibility. All that said, the river is in good shape and we're seeing good/very good numbers of fish in the system as of now. The PM's spring spawning run is starting now and will continue through March and April, water and weather pending. (02/27/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: The Grand river in west Michigan has finally opened up after weeks of ice, slush or a combination of both which kept us off the water. That said, flows are very high, so fish are holding in atypical spots....but they are there. Winter steelhead are the quarry of choice and a combination of winter fish and a few fresh arrivals from lake Michigan are being caught. Large, dark nymphs and bright pastel egg patterns are flies to have in your box. Tippet doesn't matter much in the darker waters of the Grand, however anything in the 8-10# range would be just fine. (02/20/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: Fishing outlook "fair" for now as we bounce around from below zero temps, to single digit, teens, back to single digits, etc.. Warm front coming through the Midwest this weekend and first of next week. This will certainly bump water temps up enough on smaller rivers to get trout and steelhead active. The Muskegon is still fishing fair in the upper stretches near the Croton hydro dam. Slow is the way to go now, regardless of whether you're boucing bottom with nymphs, floating line/indi rigs or swinging streamers. Find the slowest water available that has structure, oxygen and adequate food flowing through and those will be holding both trout and winter steelhead. (02/06/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Winter steelhead fishing on the Muskegon river is "fair-good" for winter standards, although a bit tough the last week+ due to very cold temperatures in Michigan and the Midwest. Nymph/drift fishing are the best techniques at this time. Shelf ice has formed on most of the inside bends of slower current flows. Trout fishing can be productive on sunny days, fishing very slow current seams at or near tailouts of long flats and runs. Go small with flies and light with tippet for best results. Land fish as quickly as possible for good revival and release. (01/30/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: Recent arctic blast brought record setting cold temperatures throughout the Midwest and the rivers of Michigan are certainly feeling the affects as well. The lower portions of the Muskegon river have shelf ice that's making launching nearly impossible. The upper stretches, although open to launching, are very cold and resident trout, as well as migratory lake run brown trout and steelhead, are very lethargic. Once our next warming trend - 30+ degrees for at least 3 days - will be a great trigger for feeding. Not expected any time real soon, extended forecast shows us being below freezing for the next week+. Time to tie flies !! (01/16/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 4 - Poor fly fishing: The Grand river near Grand Rapids, Michigan is flowing slush at this time due to record setting low temperatures throughout the Midwest. Both large ice chunks and rafts of heavy slush are flowing in the center 1/3 of the river. Shelf ice has formed on the banks and is presently stretches 1/3 of the way across the river from each bank. We'll need to see air temps return to the low to mid 30's for a number of days before the Grand river starts to thaw.....tie flies for now ! (01/16/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: The Rogue river, just north of Grand Rapids, fished pretty good for steelhead for a couple days here as of late. Have not hooked a lake run brown in the Rogue this winter myself, but have friends/guides/fellow anglers who have. The river is just now coming down after running very high for a week+. Flows still above avg - 314 cfs, normal is 220, but by no means raging like it was. With cold snap coming, I'm sure it will really slow down and shelf ice will form. That said, this smaller river can and does change quickly with a day+ of warm temps and/or good sun during mid-late portion of the day. (01/09/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: The Grand river in the Grand Rapids area is running cold and slushy.....kind of like a slurpee from 7-11 ! However, during limited stretches of reduced ice/slush flow, steelhead are being caught near the 6th St. fish ladder in downtown GR. Simply put, we need a break in cold temps to let this big river run free of floating ice for a day or so before steelheading will pick up. (01/09/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Although still high from runoff over the last week+, the Grand river is fishing pretty good in the Grand Rapids, MI area.
Per usual, those steelhead and lake run browns moving up the river system will have to negotiate the fish ladder in downtown Grand Rapids. As a result, they will congregate just down from that prior to their push through the ladder system.
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Although still a bit higher than average flows for early January, the Muskegon river in west Michigan is in great shape.
Yesterday's outing yielded a number of fish hooked and a couple that made it to the net.....more to follow once video footage is edited and we get it up on U Tube. No reason to think that the Muskegon won't continue to fish good for steelhead over the next few weeks. Trout fishing close to Croton dam is good with indi-nymph rigs, as well as swinging streamers for lake run brown trout and winter steelhead. (01/07/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Most west Michigan rivers are at or approaching normal flows after warm weather pattern of a week+ ago melted most standing snow.....and we had a lot ! A couple rivers are still up and not yet very good for fishing, but it won't be long for those to return to/near normal flows.
Steelhead and lake run brown trout are the big game quarry of choice on the Muskegon river right now. Resident trout are finding their winter holding areas and once located, can/are fished with good-very good success with nymph-indi rigs. Midge hatches had been bringing trout to the surface prior to runoff and high water, we should still have some good surface action once things settle down. (01/03/09)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: The Grand river in downtown Grand Rapids, MI is nearly unfishable right now, but this too will soon change.
Due to recent warm weather, we lost most of our near 3' of snow and the rivers are crankin ! Just prior to this, steelhead, lake run brown trout and a few lake trout were being caught near the fish ladder at 6th street in downtown. More to follow once things settle. (12/30/08)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: With recent warm weather and BIG snow melt, most of our streams in W. Michigan are blown out right now, but this will surely change in the days/week ahead. That said, still have good numbers of fish in the Muskegon river, including migratory steelhead and lake run brown trout, as well as resident brown and rainbow trout. More to follow once water settles. (12/30/08)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: With recent warm weather and related snow melt, the Rogue river, just north of Grand Rapids, did get additional steelhead into the system. By no means a "bunch" in the Rogue at this time, but certainly enough to wet a line with a decent chance of hooking up. Some lake run brown trout are in as well. (12/26/08)
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