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Fly Fishing the Muskegon River in Michigan

Muskegon River summary

Muskegon River is a fly fishing location in Michigan. This destination has an elevation of approximately 580 feet. Please view the pinpointed location for Muskegon River on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).

Muskegon River reports

diug buehler (Riverratdog) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Muskegon river and other west Michigan are fishing well for Trout Rainbow and Browns. Black and brown Stone flys, Scud Patterns and egg patterns, are putting a bend in are fishing rods. Egg patterns, stone flys, sculpins are putting steelhead in the nets. Plenty of steelhead are in the rivers, A thaw and rain brought river levels up and Steelhead up the rivers. Cold air temps have kept many anglers off the rivers. The Anglers venturing out to the rivers have been rewarded with solitude and Fish. River Rat Dog (01/21/11)
Nick Britton (MIflyguide) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Fall is knocking on the door up here.  Some of the greens are starting to turn their pretty reds and oranges.  More and more Kings are showing up throughout the river system.  More and more anglers are showing up as well.  All true signs that Fall is very near.  
Although the calendar says that September starts next week, the weather is giving us a bonus week of summer with temps well into the 80's.  That will help continue the night time activity for the browns on mice.  Mousing can still be done the next couple of weeks.  The mousing is still a great way to get a big trout.  Some areas are a little tougher than others due to the increasing popularity of using this method.  The daytime fishing has been pretty decent lately with a wide variety of options to throw.  The classic terrestrials all will work.  Add a nymph as a dropper and you are ready to go.  If nymphing is your game, the low clear water will put you to the test.  If you pass, you can catch a lot of great fish using this method.  Small hares ears, princes, pheasant tails, zug bugs, and anything with a bead head should all produce.  If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a Salmon gravel, eggs are sure way to find some eager feeders.  
If the Salmon are more your thing, well they are starting to show.  Thundersticks  or big streamers in the early morning down river will work for a few hookups.  The deeper holes will be the ticket for chuck n duckers as long as the water stays low.  The fish that are in already are of pretty good size.  You can expect to see more fish trickle in and even bigger numbers any time we get a decent rain.

The Smallmouth fishing is still in full swing.  We have had some success with streamers of all kinds on the upper Muskegon the last couple of weeks.  For those that tire too quickly with the fly rod, we have found a couple on spinners and rapalas as well.  Nymphing, once again, another good way to target both trout and bass on this river.  For the most part, streamer ripping is where it's at.  Spin fishing trips for Bass are still available for the rest of August.  

 I have quite a few dates open the second half of September(usually peak salmon time).  If you still need a boat, or two, shoot me and email or give me a call and leave a message about the dates you have in mind and we will see what we can do.  Half Day Salmon trips (about 3 hrs fishing) will be offered this year.  I will also be offering trout trips during Salmon season for $300.  There are plenty of fish to be caught on the egg!   
Salmon Trips $350
Thunderstick Salmon (5-6hrs) $275
Full Day Trout Trips $300
Bass Trips/Half Day Trout or Salmon $250
Tight Lines (08/29/10)
diug buehler (Riverratdog) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Michigan Rivers remain warm. The 70 degree nights are not cooling them much. We are still taking Trout on Dry flys and Steamers; th4e Small mouth Bas fishing has been very good. A few Salmon have been seen in the rivers. All we need are some cool night to bring the early Salmon into the rivers. We may have a banner fall for Salmon. The big lake charters are getting a lot of wind keeping them of the lake and scattering the Salmon We have dates available for Fall Salmon Steelhead trips, as well as Bass and Trout 517 651 2616 (08/20/10)
Jeff Bacon (jrbotf) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: The Muskegon river in west Michigan is one of the most diverse fisheries in the Midwest and hosts both cold and warmwater species of fish. A short drive north of Grand Rapids, finds the Muskegon river near Newaygo, MI a fine coldwater fishery with both brown trout and rainbow trout. The water levels on that stretch of the Muskegon are running near normal for this time of summer. Insect hatches of interest to trout and the fly fisher include morning BWO's and Trico's, both better on cloudy days. Equipment of choice would be a 4 or 5 weight fly rod with standard weight forward line and a leader tapering down to 2-3# test - such as 6 or 7 X. Water temps in the low 70's. Above the Croton Hydroelectric Dam, just outside of Newaygo, the Muskegon river becomes a much better Smallmouth Bass fishery and is coming into its own as a prime one for fishing the "dogs days of summer". Equipment to use would include both light spin gear with body baits and soft plastics, with 8-10# line. Fly fishing gear would include weight forward floating line, as well as a sinking/sink tip fly lines. Topwater flies would be frog and general "popper" patterns, sinking line setups would be used to cast articulated leeches, crayfish patterns and gold/copper/yellow streamers. Water temps in the upper Muskegon in the mid 70's. For more information or to schedule a full or half day outing, please call Jeff at 616-656-4172, or contact via email at jrbacon@ameritech.net - (08/08/10)
Jeff Hubbard (pmriver) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: The Pere Marquette is fishing good still some days better then others though. With river temps dropping and water clearing can be tough some days and great on others. (: For more info check outfittersnorth.com (02/16/10)
Jeff Bacon (flyfishwestmichigan) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Due to recent heavy rains, the Muskegon river came up significantly a few days ago and remains well above normal flows.
Hatches have slowed down considerably, but some bugs are still coming off throughout the day. Trout had been feeding on the surface regularly and will likely continue to do so once water levels come down. Smallmouth bass fishing had been good-very good in the week+ prior and will only get better in the weeks ahead. (06/11/09)
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Muskegon River descriptions

Andy Idema (aidema) wrote - The Muskegon River is a tributary to Lake Michigan and has great fly fishing. It is well known for its tremendous runs of steelhead and salmon and also for its population of resident brown and rainbow trout. Due to the re-licensing of Croton Dam there are many prolific hatches. Wading the Muskegon is difficult and fishing by boat is recommended. (06/07/08)
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Muskegon River businesses

Shop Guide Service Lodge School (Classes) Travel Rods Manufacturer
Pere Marquette River Lodge
8841 S. M-37
Baldwin, Michigan
Lodge Red Moose Lodge, Little South Branch Cabin & C.A. Guide Service
8982 S. M-37 Highway
Baldwin, Michigan
Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures
5388 E. Heathwood SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Fly Fishing Michigan Rivers
14883 Old Millpond
Baldwin, Michigan
Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures
5388 E. Heathwood SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Guide Service Pere Marquette River Lodge
8841 S. M-37
Baldwin, Michigan
Guide Service C.A. Guide Service @ Red Moose Lodge
8982 S. M-37 Hwy
Baldwin, Michigan
Indigo Guide Service
PO Box 93
Walhalla, Michigan
Great Lakes Guide Service
1963 Bonneville
Muskegon, Michigan
Guide Service River Rat Dog GS
7855 laingsburg
Newaygo, Michigan
Jeff Hubbard
8219 South Evergreen
Baldwin, Michigan
Woodland Rivers Guide Service
1808 Willowood Dr
Rochester, Michigan
Nomad Anglers
1600 East Beltline Rd
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Other Cederquist Fly and Tackle
Shelby, Michigan
Other Pere Marquette River Lodge
8841 S. M-37
Baldwin, Michigan
Colton Bay Outfitters
4844 Jackson Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Other Riversbend Guide Service
NEWAYGO, Michigan
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diug buehler (Riverratdog)
nice chad I remember that day LOL (1/19/13)
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Rob Nolan (robfishon)
with a great guide & great equipment. Clint Anderson at Red Moose Lodge in Baldwin, MI. His guide service is named C.A. Guide service. We boated a bunch and had a great time.
call him at 888-939-6667   |  Reply

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