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Fly Fishing the Natchaug River in Connecticut

Natchaug River summary

Natchaug River is a fly fishing location in Connecticut. This destination has an elevation of approximately 143 feet. Please view the pinpointed location for Natchaug River on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).

Natchaug River reports

Tom flifishri@yahoo.com (flifishri) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Natchaug River update, May 11 The rains at the end of last week brought the river up a bit and improved the flow. Following our casting clinic at Charlie Brown Campground, we spent a few afternoon hours on the river. As the caddis began to appear mid afternoon, the trout became active but for the most part wanted no part of dead drifted patterns. Once we switched to caddis emergers, fished with movement just under the surface, we took a number of nice fish, mostly rainbows. Our "Natchaug Top Twelve" selection features CDC "go-to" emergers that are very effective during a caddis hatch, and today was no exception. Trout were clearly keying on the caddis emerger as it rose thru the water column. Saw a couple of March Browns; this emergence should become steadier in days ahead. We'll be ok for a bit on the Natchaug providing we get rain once or twice a week or so. Thanks to TEAM 7x member Steve on his yearly visit to CBC and the Natchaug, for presenting us with some great patterns he had developed and tied. (05/15/13)
Steve Babbitt (Steve'O) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: My buddy Jeff and I decided that with the cold temps maybe the river would not be too crowded. We were kind of right. managed to get into one of my favorite spots. There were small dark caddis fly around but not surface activity. Had a report form a buddy the week before while he was setting up the camper at the campground just below this area of some quill gordons, knowing I caught a boat load Saturday 4/20/13 on the Willimantic river TMA with a quill gordon wet fly( i rarely fish a QG dry unless they are hatching in rain, they actually emerge on the bottom and swim to the surface at a fully emerged adult thus the wet fly), that is what I put on third drif thru I am into a nice brown trout. A few casts later I hook another fish this one a brown also. I checked it's throat to see wht it had been eating. It had a tone of these little grey caddis. So I got as low as my over weight body would let me and saw the slow rolling rises to the spent egg layers. Put in a dark colored spent caddis sz 16 and got 4 more fish all on top. My buddy switched and he was into fish as well. All of the fish being landed caused the crowd to slowly push out of the pool. so we moved on to another river. (04/25/13)
Tom flifishri@yahoo.com (flifishri) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Friday night, 6/9/2012. A few sulphurs, spinners late. Several nice Browns on a pale yellow hackle stacker. Saturday the 16th we're at Charlie Brown Campground for no charge fly casting lessons. Sage equipment provided...or bring your own. See more at our site TEAM7x click on "Fly Fish the Natchaug River" banner. (06/09/12)
Steve Babbitt (Steve'O) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: last evening a couple of friends and I had a little while to steal away from their camp site so we went down to one of our favorite stretches of the river. We got on the water about 7:40 with two different size caddis hatching and another laying eggs. At about 8 the March brown spinners started to gather over the river. the fish were showing some splashy rises so as we were taking turns fishing Cory got fist shot at the fish. On about his 5th cast he hooked a nice 15" rainbow that made a good showing before coming to hand. at about 8:15 some Sulphurs started to hatch, then the larger E. Vitreus stated to hatch. I had a fish rise about 15 feet from me so I cast a grey winged yellow soft hackle at it wamo first drift crappy hook set it came off. Cory decided to head back to the camp fire, so i moved a bit down and his Brother Carl moved up. I had a couple refusal to my soft hackle so I cut it off and put on a Sulphur poly dun in sz 16 second drift over the riser it took. The brown came in kind of quick but as soon as it got to shallow water it shot back out into the current a couple of times. finally landed a nice 14" brown that looked a bit big in the body for it's head. all told we each caught 1 trout Carl got a nice 16" or 17" rainbow on a poly dun as well. the bugs were crazy the weather in CT this year has condensed many of the hatches on the free stones so that like last night there were 8 or 9 different species of bugs in the air and a couple of different stages of those. At one point at about 8:30 there were sz 12 march brown spinners, Pale evening duns E. Vitreus dun & spinners, sz 20 Blue winged olives, sz 16 Sulphurs, little green stone flies sz 18 laying eggs, tan caddis sz 14, green caddis sz 16 and a little grey caddis doing some egg laying. it was very cool to see. Most of the fish seemed to be taking either the emerging Sulphurs or the spinners of the March brown. Steve (06/05/11)
Steve Babbitt (Steve'O) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Decided to head out to one of my favorite local waters the Natchaug River today. I had a guide trip there two Fridays ago and then took my 3 girls there the following Sunday. the two guys I guided did very well as did my 3 daughters. Met my Buddy Carl at 10:30 head through the hollow over to Eastford, closer to the river we got the harder it rained. When we got to the spot we were going to fish it was raining like mad and thunder and lightning was close by. We put waders and rain gear on and the rain slowed enough and the T&L stopped so we rigged up and headed in to the first deep run, water was clear but there was a lot of leave litter and buds floating just under the surface. so my idea of a dry and dropper was out. I rigged up a couple of nymphs and started to drift the outside seam and let my bud fish the inside seam. it took all of 3 casts to hook a big rock and break off both nymphs. I had on 6x as this spot if one of the now infamous state of Connecticut trout parks, they stock once a week thru Memorial Day. It gets stocked on Wednesday or Thursday most weeks so by the weekend the fish have been pounded. It also has a decent amount of larger holdover fish but they seem to be a bit tippet shy. Well the next hour and a half was a repeat of this a few casts hung up on something pull it free half the time I would have to retie one or both flies on. I kept moving down the run but still the same thing. Then I noticed as I was lifting to make a roll cast a trout followed the nymphs right up to the surface. I switched places with Carl and started to swing a yellow caddis pupa and a sparkle pupa. on about my 4 or 5 swing I hooked a small rainbow and landed it. That was the only fish for almost two hours, so we moved a few pools down river to a deep pool with a side channel and a good back eddy with a back wash flowing into it. i fished the same tow flies for a while with not fish, then I noticed a flash about 20 feet across from be just above the tail out. Changed my bottom fly to a TH green rock worm, third cast line stops I set the hook into a good fish after a good showing I landed a beautiful holdover Bow of about 16" it's body width all but filled my hand. I release this fish and watched the spot again saw another flash a little farther upstream. Made bad cast but was able to throw a couple of big mends into it and hooked another Bow this one was only about 12" but it had tons of spots on it's back. I got one more small bow for this spot, but fish were still flashing so I put Carl in there as he only had a little while longer to fish. he tried for about 20 minutes and hooked tow but they came unbuttoned. He had to go so I decided to work my way into the next pool up. Saw some olives hatching but no fish rising so I put on a beatis biot emerger and a pheasant tail below it. I fished into the deeper most part of the pool and as it was starting to come up of the bottom a fish took. landed another bow about 12" over the next hour and a half I hooked another 7 fish landed 4 of them lost two with back hook sets and one took me into some brush. all of the trout were bows except the last one it was fat 13" brown trout. It started slow but ended up to be a good day, some fish and great company. Steve (05/15/11)
Steve Babbitt (Steve'O) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Had a wonderful day guiding a couple of newer fly fishermen. We started out the morning in the state forest area at about 8:30 am. They worked a real nice run with a small briaded current seam that held plenty of trout. One of them has only fly fished a handful of times so he was a bit slow on the hook set . His buddy has fished in Maine a few times so he had the timing just right. He took 6 fish out of this run on a small soft hackle pattern. we moved into a long deep pool with a decent current about the time we got into the spot I wanted them I noticed a few Hendrickson dry flies just taking flight. I gave the one guy a sz 12 hendrickson dun pattern and set him up just below were the first couple of fish started to rise. I took the other guy a little ways up stream and put on a hendrickson emerger pattern that has a small piece of hi viz foam on it third or fourth cast he hooks a pretty brown of about 14" and plays it just like a pro and got it to the net. we released this fish and waited a few minutes for the fish to again start. fish came up about 15 feet below and 10 feet to the side of us he cast the fly into the seam and i talked him thru putting slack in to the line and getting it out of the rod tip, first drift a nice rainbow came up and took the fly in a good sized boil. It was on for all of about 30 seconds then broke him off. He repeated this 2 more times before we decided to call it lunch. we had a nice lunch and sent back to fishing. a few caddis began to show so I set them up swinging a wet fly and they did great. I got my exercise for the week int hat one day going back and forth netting fish. By the time they got tired of fishing they had racked up a real nice day for themselves. I am glad they enjoyed themselves and they booked another full day in June. Steve'O (05/09/11)
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Natchaug River descriptions

Andy Idema (aidema) wrote - The Natchaug River is a great trout stream and is heavily stocked. It is a small to medium sized river with riffles and pools that hold fish. The Natchaug also is one of eight trophy trout streams meaning the stockers range from 12 to 14 inches size as well as an allotment of huge trout weighing from 2 to 10 pounds. (06/13/08)
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Natchaug River businesses

Shop Guide Service Lodge School (Classes) Travel Rods Manufacturer
School (Classes) TEAM7x
RT. 198
Eastford, Connecticut
TEAM7x Fly Fishing in Eastern CT
Rt. 198
Chaplin, Connecticut
Guide Service JT's fly shop
664 Buckley Hwy
Union, Connecticut
JT's Fly shop
664 Buckley Hwy
Union, Connecticut
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Natchaug River comments and ratings

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Steve Babbitt (Steve'O)
The natchaug is one of the best trout rivers in NE Connecticut. In the last 4 years most of our cleints have averaged double diget numbers and at least 3 fish over 16". Also don't forget that with the classic riffle-run-pool set up it is also good int he summer for small mouths. Small poppers, hoppers and larger nymphs all work well. (1/19/13)
Tom flifishri@yahoo.com (flifishri)
I update Natchaug reports/conditions frequently. Email me for details. (1/19/13)
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