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Fly Fishing the Pere Marquette River in Michigan

Pere Marquette River summary

Pere Marquette River is a fly fishing location in Michigan. This destination has an elevation of approximately 583 feet. Please view the pinpointed location for Pere Marquette River on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).
The Pere Marquette River is a lovely West Michigan stream that flows to Lake Michigan west through Baldwin as it picks up size on its way to the lake. The river is a classic Michigan trout stream that in its lower reaches takes on the appearance of some large western streams and holds some very large trout. The headwaters hold brooks and browns and some nice rainbows too. It's a great steelhead and salmon fishery as well.

Pere Marquette River reports

Clint Anderson (Red Moose Lodge) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: We have a good run of fresh Steelhead coming up out of Lake Michigan at the moment. Brown Trout fishing remains good as well. Eggs and nymphs under a strike indicator is steady and streamers swung and stripped are working well for a Great Strike. Pitching and dropping back plugs is putting up a few more bites and a few more in the net but not by much. We are enjoying a warm December so far and the fishing is comfortable..Book a guide trip or a room here at the lodge and have a great get away with winter rates till March1st.. (12/10/15)
Nick Britton (MIflyguide) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Put your next trip to good use! /itm/Guided-Fly-Fishing-Trip-in-Northern-Michigan-/181875265223?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT (09/24/15)
Jeff Hubbard (pmriver) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Hex time on the Pere Marquette River. Finding Hex's in the lower river now, upper river is fishing well to with a variety of Dry Flies. For more info go to Outfitters North.com. For a week to week fishing report on all sorts of Fly Fishing oppurtunity's in Northern Michigan. (06/12/12)
Jeff Hubbard (pmriver) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: The Pere Marquette is fishing well for Trout. Water is coming down and clearing setting up for great Dry Fly fishing. Starting to see some Drakes and Sulphurs now. For more info check out . (05/15/12)
Jeff Hubbard (pmriver) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: THe Pere marquette River is fishing well for Trout. With a little cloud cover and some rain the bite is much better. There are a few Steelhead around so you might get lucky and have one nail your streamer on the strip. For more info check out outfittersnorth.com. (05/01/12)
Jeff Hubbard (pmriver) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River remains good. Look for conditions to become tougher as the water is clearing up and dropping and winter is here with temps below thirties in the evenings. For more info visit . For weekly report,spey page and tips and tactics to pursue these fish. Thanks and good luck. (11/20/11)
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Pere Marquette River descriptions

Andy Idema (aidema) wrote - The main stream of the river is approximately 67 miles (108 km) long, running from Lake County just west of Reed City into Pere Marquette Lake, and from there to Lake Michigan. The river is named after a french Jesuit missionary, Jacques Marquette, who explored the Great Lakes area in the 1600s. (06/07/08)
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Pere Marquette River businesses

Shop Guide Service Lodge School (Classes) Travel Rods Manufacturer
Lodge Motel BBT
9425 South M-37
Baldwin, Michigan
Pere Marquette River Lodge
8841 S. M-37
Baldwin, Michigan
Lodge Red Moose Lodge, Little South Branch Cabin & C.A. Guide Service
8982 S. M-37 Highway
Baldwin, Michigan
Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures
5388 E. Heathwood SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hawkins Outfitters
17660 E. Oviatt Rd
Lake Ann, Michigan
Red Sky Guide Service

Baldwin, Michigan
Fly Fishing Michigan Rivers
14883 Old Millpond
Baldwin, Michigan
Michigan Fly Fishing Ventures
5388 E. Heathwood SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Guide Service Pere Marquette River Lodge
8841 S. M-37
Baldwin, Michigan
Guide Service C.A. Guide Service @ Red Moose Lodge
8982 S. M-37 Hwy
Baldwin, Michigan
Guide Service STM outfitters
7462 E us 10
branch, Michigan
Indigo Guide Service
PO Box 93
Walhalla, Michigan
Great Lakes Guide Service
1963 Bonneville
Muskegon, Michigan
Guide Service River Rat Dog GS
7855 laingsburg
Newaygo, Michigan
Jeff Hubbard
8219 South Evergreen
Baldwin, Michigan
Woodland Rivers Guide Service
1808 Willowood Dr
Rochester, Michigan
Other Cederquist Fly and Tackle
Shelby, Michigan
Other Pere Marquette River Lodge
8841 S. M-37
Baldwin, Michigan
Colton Bay Outfitters
4844 Jackson Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Other Riversbend Guide Service
NEWAYGO, Michigan
Fly Fishing Creations.com
5607 Woodberry Ct
Midland, Michigan
Other Schmidt Outfitters
918 Seaman Rd.
Wellston, Michigan
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Pere Marquette River comments and ratings

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Andy Idema (aidema)
I love fishing this river... especially during late June. (1/19/13)
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Pere Marquette River questions and answers

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3 questions
Rob Nolan (robfishon)
Pere Marquette has a webcam so we can see the water level, stain, etc. You can google search it by putting in Red Moose Lodge as they put it up. It is right at the M-37 bridge & State launch. GREAT people to do this!! (1)   |  Reply
Andy Idema (aidema)
Streamer fishing for trout is good at this time. There is some dry fly action in the late afternoon/early evening. Caddis, Blue Winged Olives, Hoppers, Ants and Beetles. Check with Baldwin Bait and Tackle for the best current river conditions. Salmon are the fish of choice at this time and the river is busy.   |  Reply
Andy Idema (aidema)
The lower river has filled with fish again. With the rain comes fish. A boat is needed to access this water but the fishing is incredible. Streamers and egg patterns have worked well in the morning switching to nymphs during the day. The middle river is holding fish staging before they do the dance. On these dark cloudy days the fish are levitated and not as willing to play. Stay with it and do some fly changes and cover all the water. When the sun is out, fish on the bottom. The upper river has fish on the gravel. They are spawning! These fish have made it a long way let them do their business. When you can see a salmon on the gravel, give a little respect and look for a fresher fish in the run or hole. One way we can keep our natural fish return numbers high is to let them spawn. Steel head have been seen and are making there way up. Oh, so soon they will be here in greater numbers. Lower water is a good place to start. Streamers and eggs will work.Remember these fish are WILD let them stay in the river and just take a picture. Thanks and contact us at the lodge if we can help you get on the water. Ryan White. Pere Marquette River Lodge8841 S. M-37Baldwin, MI. 49304(231)745-3972www.pmlodge.com   |  Reply

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