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Fly Fishing the Snake River in Wyoming

Snake River summary

Snake River is a fly fishing location in Wyoming. This destination has an elevation of approximately 6834 feet. Please view the pinpointed location for Snake River on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).

Snake River reports

nate bennett (tetonflyfishing) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: Fishing from 12-3 is best on the Snake right now thanks to cold, short days. Right now fish are found primarily in deep, slow runs. Nymphs and midges are best. Streamers can also produce when water temps warm a bit... (11/16/15)
Jason Balogh (fish the fly travel) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Snake River
The Snake River through the Jackson Hole valley has remained consistent dry fly fishing since our last report.  Our fall stonefly, Claasenia Sabulosa, has begun to emerge in all sections and has kept the cutthroat looking up for big bugs, especially early and late in the day. Look for these to continue into September and twitch those flies! 
PMD’s and Little Yellow Stones are still popping around 11am and fish key in on them in those riffles where they are present in good numbers. Grasshoppers, Beetles, and Flying Ants are becoming more important on our warmer afternoons.  Rhyacophilia Caddis are out and about and give you another option for dry flies.  We will start looking for Timponoga Hecuba mayflies to emerge in the last part of this month on our cloudy days…
Best Flies: #8-10 Olive, Tan, Purple Water Walkers, #10-12 Red Fat Alberts, #16 Q’s Sparkle Stacker, #12-14 Lime PMX, #12 Yellow Stimmies, #12 Tan, Green Grand Hopper

Mmmmm, I love stoneflies!
Jason Balogh (fish the fly travel) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi held his annual fund raiser yesterday and Fish the Fly was proud to host the fishing portion of the event.  We had 14 boats spread out through the entire length of the Snake river from Grand Teton National Park all the way down to the whitewater section south of town.  This is our 4th year hosting this event and we look forward to next year!
Everyone had great time and fishing reports came back very solid for all stretches.  Our fall Claasenia Stonefly has begun its hatch on the whole river and this has the cutthroat chasing big bugs on the surface.  Localized PMD and Yellow Sally hatches are still important and fish will focus on them in certain areas where they are hatching.  A few pickier fish are eating Caddis and Beetles as well. Look for a more detailed report soon….
WY Senator Mike Enzi enjoys his fly fishing event in Jackson Hole!
Jason Balogh (fish the fly travel) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Snake River
Fly fishing on the Snake has been very good since our last report.  The Goldens have made their way upstream and can still be found between Pacific Creek and Moose.  PMD and Yellow Sallies hatches remain solid and keep the fish rising throughout the system.  Caddis have been important, especially early in the morning on our guided trips.  The nymphs of all three of these bugs have been the droppers (2′) under bugs like the #10 Chubby Chernobyl or Melon Belly. (08/05/10)
David Ellerstein (Jackson Hole Anglers) reported - 4 - Poor fly fishing: Not much winter fishing on the Snake, check back in the spring. For current updates, go to www.jacksonholeanglers.com and click on fishing report. (12/06/08)
David Ellerstein (Jackson Hole Anglers) reported - 4 - Poor fly fishing: Winter is upon us, check back in the spring. for more reports go to www.jacksonholeanglers.com and click on fishing report. (12/06/08)
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Snake River descriptions

Andy Idema (aidema) wrote - The Snake River flows from Yellowstone through Jackson Hole and Snake River Canyon and into Palisades Reservoir. Fly fishing on the Snake is excellent and anglers prefer to fish the large stream via floating although wading is doable. The Snake River is home to the awesome Snake River Cutthroat Trout which is indigenous to the river and naturally reproduces. Fly anglers enjoy the Snake because of the dry fly fishing action. The Snake River is a great place to bring a newbie because the large dries will catch fish. It is scenic and almost always produces. (08/20/08)
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Snake River businesses

Shop Guide Service Lodge School (Classes) Travel Rods Manufacturer
Lodge Ramshorn Guest Ranch
PO Box 564 Dubois, WY 82520
Dubois, Wyoming
Lodge Rockin' M Ranch
371 McNeel Power Plant 104
Alpine, Wyoming
Dunoir Fishing Adventures
Dubois, Wyoming
Teton Fly Fishing
P.O. Box 4834
Jackson , Wyoming
Guide Service Upland Fishing and Hunting Guide Service
24 Empey Ave
Camden, New York
Jackson Hole Anglers
PO Box 9005
Jackson, Wyoming
Jackson Hole Anglers
PO Box 9005
Jackson, Wyoming
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scott irwin (azfisher2)
hey guys. i am planning a fly fishing trip to the snake river in july. i have never fished wyoming before so any tips would be greatly appreciated. mainly should i fish the snake or are there better fishing places around that part of wyoming. are there spots on the snake that are better to fish than others?   |  Reply

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