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Fly Fishing the Lower Laguna Madre in Texas

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Lower Laguna Madre summary

Lower Laguna Madre is a fly fishing location in Texas. This destination has an elevation of approximately 5 feet. Please view the pinpointed location for Lower Laguna Madre on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).

Lower Laguna Madre reports

Brian Van Burkleo (BVB) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Fished the laguna madre 4/11/09 with captain Josh Fields. Weather was a little cool and cloudy in early morning. When the sun came out at about noon and warmed up the fishing turned on. The sun brought the very much needed visibility to see those reds tailing and cruising the shallow flats. They seem much more big and aggressive this time of year. Took almost 15 minutes to land my first red. Used a size 4 tan crap pattern with plenty of weight to get the fly down in the water column to the tailing reds. (04/13/09)
Scott Sparrow (lagunaguide) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: 2/25/09 February is usually very quiet on the guide front. And given the weather, which has been windy and cloudy until a few days ago, I can see why no one wants to be on the water. But yesterday my brother Chip and I got tired of looking at cloudless skies, and went out around 7 am. We went to one place, caught six reds from 24-26 inches, and came home in time for a second cup of coffee before lunch. But you probably want to know the details, so here they are: When we first shut down at a familiar eastside venue, there were a few big reds waking away. The surface was glassy as far as we could see, so every abrupt move would have been visible from 100 yards away. We hoped that the reds would tail, but they seemed lethargic, so we got up on plane and proceeded to leave the area. We didn't get more than 200 yards, however, when we ran into the edge of what appeared to be pods and schools sweeping slowly away from our intrusion. We shut down again, and waited a couple of minutes. And then the reds started heading our way. I didn't even put my booties on. I jumped barefooted off the boat, and turned to face several incoming groups of 6-20 fish. Casting a Mother's Day fly upwind to the wakes, I missed one and then hooked up on the second strike. We had constant action for about an hour and a half. But all of the fish were approaching from upwind, which made the casting especially challenging. I got some video of Chip landing a nice 26" red, so take a look here.


I missed at least six reds, so the fish were more willing than I was able. Chip had his share of angler farts, too. Still we landed a respectable number of very hardy reds. After wading for a while near the boat, we climbed back on and drifted downwind. Chip took the bow and I casted from the poling platform. We saw several big trout, but didn't get the fly on them in time. We had quite a bit of fun casting to reds for a while, without landing any. Chip did manage to jerk the fly away from a red that tried desperately to keep up with it.

What impresses me about the bay is the sheer, stunning abundance of redfish, and the astounding number of very big trout, given the brief period of time that's passed since the new trout regulations were passed. We are not alone in saying that the trout are coming back. My first love (after my wife Kathy, of course). (03/01/09)
Thomas Peña (Trucha) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Full moon but good tides to work. The first day the fish didn't cooperate much. The second day was much better. (06/26/08)
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Lower Laguna Madre businesses

Shop Guide Service Lodge School (Classes) Travel Rods Manufacturer
Get-A-Way Adventures Lodge L.L.C.
P.O.Box 248
Port Mansfield, Texas
Other Third Coast Flys
1364 wakefield
Houston, Texas
Other The Shop
318 Queen Isabella Blvd.
Port Isabel, Texas
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Lower Laguna Madre comments and ratings

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Mike Adams (Mike.Adams)
Great fishing and beautiful water! Go out with captain Eric Glass - he will find you fish! (1/19/13)
3 ratings

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