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Fly Fishing the Provo River in Utah

Provo River summary

Provo River is a fly fishing location in Utah. This destination has an elevation of approximately 4490 feet. Please view the pinpointed location for Provo River on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).

Provo River reports

Sal Motrutta (Four Seasons) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: The blue wing olives are hatching in big numbers on the Provo River. Regardless of the weather, the dry fly fishing has been great. (10/19/08)
Sal Motrutta (Four Seasons) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: “The Temperature is Falling in the Heber Valley” September 3, 2008 It was a cold and rainy Labor Day weekend around the Wasatch Mountains. Our first major cold front of the year blew through for three days. This weather pattern made fishing pretty good for the dry fly fishermen. The pmd hatches were some of the best we’ve seen all summer. These hatches should continue to be strong for at least a couple more weeks. The cooler temperatures have brought the midges back and caddis continue to be strong in the early morning and late afternoons. There are also some hints of blue wing olive hatches on the Lower Provo. The fish are not to the adults yet but they should be soon. Middle Provo: 402 c.f.s. 52 degrees Fishing on the Middle has remained pretty consistent through this cold snap. The pmd hatches are strong every afternoon and the fish are coming up for them. The flows are finally beginning to drop and the fish are settling into their “usual spots.” Early in the morning nymphing with midge emergers has been very productive. Now is a great time to throw small weighted streamers. The takes have been strong stripping streamers through fast moving water. The most productive dry fly fishing on the Middle Provo has been the afternoon caddis hatch. Beginning around 5:00 p.m. large caddis start showing up and the fish are on them. In the Charleston area the grasshopper presence has continued to be strong. There are fewer pmd’s but the caddis are thick. Fishing any stage of the caddis life cycle will take some fish down there. Lower Provo:336 c.f.s. 61 degress The flows have dropped considerably on the Lower Provo. For the first time all summer, the flows are what most of us consider normal. The caddis hatch is still strong down there. Fishing caddis nymphs and emergers in the deep pools is a good bet. The rubber hatch has slowed down considerably so the dry fly fishing should improve in the coming weeks. There is an occasional b.w.o. presence. At this point, try nymphing a barr’s emerger or Stalcup baetis for good results. There is a good dry fly opportunity in the evening on the Lower River. The caddis are out in abundance and the fish respond well to these. The water is exceptionally warm in this stream. It is good to release those fish as quickly as possible because their recovery is slowed due to the warm water. Weber River(Below Rockport Reservoir):239 c.f.s. Vegetation has begun to take over on the Weber River. The hatches are strong but the fish are setup under the drops. Nymphing is the preferred method over there. The caddis are abundant in the mornings. Try nymphing caddis emergers in the fast moving water early. While the pmd presence is not that strong, the fish will readily take these nymphs and emergers. As usual, the sowbug is a go to fly on the Weber. This is another great streamer river for those who choose to pursue that. Small, flashy leech patterns are very productive. Green River(Below Fontanelle Reservoir):1150 c.f.s. Things are improving on the Upper Green. The Lower flows and colder temperatures are helping the vegeatation to break loose earlier than usual. This is setting up to be a great fall on the Green. Right now the preferred method is deep nymphing the drops with San Juan worms and big attractor patterns. Streamers will also work well. For dry fly fishermen, Try hoppers and Stoneflies along the scum lines. (09/03/08)
Sal Motrutta (Four Seasons) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Good dry fly fishing with both caddis and pmd's. Nymphing is great with midge, caddis, pmd's and sowbugs. (08/27/08)
Sal Motrutta (Four Seasons) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: "The New Access Law is a Priviledge Not a Right" July 22, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The recent ruling by the Utah State Supreme Court has everyone involved with Utah fly fishing in an excited frenzy. There is so much new water available for all of us to check out that this report will soon have to be expanded to include the Upper Provo and the Upper Weber above Rockport. So far the green drake hatch on the Middle has prevented many of us from doing so. In the coming weeks, we will determine how the fishing is in these areas and expand this report to reflect these areas. In the mean time, the drakes are just about over on the Middle so it is getting close to pmd season and the evening caddis are right around the corner. The flows on our local waters have stabilized and we can expect them to stay where they are for the duration of the summer. Middle Provo River: 603 c.f.s. 50.5 degrees It’s been a great week for green drakes in the upper reaches of the Middle Provo. There has been a short hatch around noon. The big news has been the secondary hatch coming off at 4:00 every afternoon. Large green drake emergers will take fish before and after these hatches. The most consistent hatch on the Middle has been the pmd’s. Beginning around 9:30 in the morning and lasting throughout the day. In areas where the drakes are over, consider large pmd to take some rising fish. The yellow sallies are out in abundance in the Legacy bridge area. The fish aren’t really on them on the surface but the nymphs are working well. There is finally some evening caddis action to be had in the Charleston area. Beginning around 7:00 in the evening and going on until dark. Large, light colored flies seem to be the ticket. Lower Provo River: 495c.f.s. 53.6 degrees The Lower is fishing very well with nymphs right now. While there are many insects hatching, the fish don’t seem interested in feeding on the surface. Probably because of such an abundance of food down below. The midge and pmd’s get going as early as 9:00 a.m.. As the day goes on and the rubber hatch starts, keep your eye out for caddis along the edges. Most of the fish are feeding up on the shallow flats during the heat of the day. The pmd’s and caddis will continue to be thick until late in the evening so hang in there and keep fishing. You can never go wrong with small sowbugs and san juan worms on the Lower Provo. If you should choose to access the campground area, please be respectful of the landowner. Remember it’s a privilege not a right. Weber River(Below Rockport Reservoir):368 c.f.s. A recent surge of high water has slowed things down on the Weber recently. Until this point the caddis had been hatching in droves over there. The fish are currently taking big sowbugs and tiny midge emergers. In the Coalville area the rainbows and cutthroats are staying in the river unseasonably late this year. Try a big dark streamer through the deep water for some good results. This is another area affected by the recent law changes. Again be respectful of land owners and leave nothing but footsteps. Green River(Below Fontanelle):1560 c.f.s. The bugs are hatching in full force on the Upper Green. The tricos are coming off and swarming anything they can find to land on. There is also a strong yellow sallie hatch. The fish are eating these in a lazy state. The real action on the Upper Green right now is with big dries on the banks. The big fish are resting on the banks and attacking hoppers and beetles in shallow water. The fishing should remain consistent for the duration of the summer. Minor fluctuations in water temperatures tend to put the fish down. These down times don’t last very long and the fishing gets back to normal. (07/26/08)
Sal Motrutta (Four Seasons) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: "Slowly But Surely, the Flows Are Coming Down" June 24, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All of the anxiety and frustration involved with spring runoff is beginning to taper off. After a month of monstrous flows on all of our local waters, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. The Middle Provo is still running high, but the water is clear and the temperature is coming up. The Lower has fluctuated pretty severely but has now settled in at around 360 c.f.s. This may still change based on the flows into Deer Creek Reservoir. The water down there is around 52 degrees and the bugs are hatching. The Weber River has been running as high as most of us have ever seen it. It has now crested and is slowly coming back down. Through all this high water, the fish are getting fat and furious. When the flows are down for good and the water hits 50 degrees, we can all look forward to a monumental summer for Utah fly fishing. Now is the time to be out there finding those hatches and hooking up big fish. Middle Provo River: 1107 c.f.s. 42 degrees Despite the big flows the bugs are starting to hatch on the Middle. There is a good caddis hatch each evening that is bringing fish to the surface. Otherwise, the san juan worm is still the go to pattern. Big nymphs like green drake crawlers and stonefly nymphs are working very well. The trick is to find slower moving water on the edges of the big currents. Several big split shots and long leaders and still the key. In the Charleston area, the stones are finally starting to show up in large numbers. This is a heat of the day hatch that lasts into the late afternoon. The fish are fattening up and are as healthy as they've been in years. Lower Provo: 360 c.f.s. 51 degrees The Lower Provo is in the best condition of any of the rivers in the immediate area. Warm, clear water is producing great hatches. Yellow sallies, golden stones, caddis and pmd's are all hatching in abundance on the Lower. San Juan worms and sowbugs are catching fish down there as usual. The main hatches seem to be going off later in the day. From noon till late in the evening is the best time to be there. There have been some fluctuations in the flows but the fish don't seem to mind. Don't be turned off by a big surge or drop in the flows. If you fish from downstream up you will find many fish tucked in behind the structures. Use a shallow nymph rig and present small pmd nymphs to them. Another important technique to use after runoff is weighted streamers behind drops and big rocks. Just dead drift them and hang on. Middle Weber River(Between Rockport and Echo): 672c.f.s. These big flows are exactly what the Weber River has needed for a long time. When this recedes we are liable to discover a whole new river for fishing. With a little luck, many of those sandbars and log piles will be washed out creating a much healthier environment for those trout. The water is going down slowly, but the hatches are incredible anyway. Beginning early in the morning, the caddis hatch gets going. These are thick hatches that the fish are feasting on. Try anything from small cased caddis to large adults. After a short lull during the heat of the day, the yellow sallies and stones start coming off. This hatch is best fished with a nymph rig. There are enough nymphs in the water to keep the fish well fed without hitting the surface. This hatch will continue until late in the afternoon. This is the time to start considering hoppers, ants, and big caddis. (06/27/08)
Sal Motrutta (Four Seasons) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: "Spring Runoff is Drawing to an End" June 16, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have seen the Provo River lately, you must have observed that the flows are big. This is a typical scenario for June in Utah. The Greatest Snow on Earth has to melt sometime and when it does the water has to go somewhere. Although many of us are anxious to get out there and throw dry flies conditions at this point are not perfect for this pursuit. It may seem as though the high water is going to prevent our favorite hatches from happening, but rest assured those hatches are right around the corner. The major flows on both the Middle and Lower Provo Rivers will soon be coming to an end. Within a week the water temperatures will be boosted to around 48 degrees. The flows are going to remain higher than normal but the temperatures are what is most important to the fish and more significantly to the insects. Hopefully, many anglers have taken the opportunity to learn some new methods during this high water. If you have been waiting for conditions to improve then you will soon be pleasantly rewarded. Middle Provo River: 1009 c.f.s. Conditions on the Middle have reached their height. The water is warming slightly and the nymphs are getting active. The slow, deep pools are holding all the fish because they can't stay still and feed in the big, water. Close to the dam your best bet will be streamers in shallow water and San Juan Worms fished deep. One technique that has been producing fish is to use enough weight to make your flies move slower than the river. This will give those fish a greater opportunity to see your bugs and decide to eat them. As you move further down stream, you are more likely to find fish along the banks. These fish don't see as many anglers and are more comfortable in softer water. There is an occasional caddis hatch and word is there are PMDs every morning. In the Charleston area there are many more active insects and the fish are feeding more aggressively. Consider focusing on structure and down timber when fishing in Charleston. The breaks in current created by these structures enable fish to establish feeding areas that can't be found in heavier currents. Lower Provo River: 813 c.f.s. The Lower Provo River is an excellent option during these high flows. The lay of the land on the Lower makes great holding water in big flows. Shallow nymph rigs will produce a lot of fish on this stretch. There are some pretty productive hatches going on down there right now. The tail end of the BWO hatch is getting some fish to rise. The new bugs down there are PMD's and evening caddis. The old San Juan worm and sowbug combination will always take a few hungry fish in slower moving water. There are several areas where you can cross but use extra caution. The water is swift and will carry you down river. "Be Careful" Weber River (Between Rockport and Echo Reservoirs): 490 c.f.s. The caddis are hatching in full force on the Weber River and the fish are looking for them. The last three days have been big water days over there. The flows have more than doubled but the temperature of the water has also increased. The fish are deep and they will still eat sowbugs and stonefly nymphs. Find the slick spots and fish the heads of these runs. The best fishing on the Weber at this point is within two miles of Echo Reservoir. There are still some rainbows and cutthroats in this area. Keep an eye open for Yellow Sallies in this area as well. Green River (Below Fontanelle Reservoir):1720 c.f.s. Fishing has finally taken off on the Upper Green. Rough weather has kept things on the tough side for a few weeks. In the last couple of days the river has come to life. Streamers are taking the biggest fish. Consider dead drifting a sculpin pattern for the big guys. The major drops are still fishable and you should find the big browns and the cutthroats in these areas. The dry fly fishing is going to take off any day now as the temperatures are climbing pretty consistently. (06/20/08)
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Provo River descriptions

Andy Idema (aidema) wrote - The Provo River offers fly anglers rainbow, brown, cutthroat and brook trout. It is a popular fly fishing destination with campgrounds and access along various points on the river. The Provo is know as an excellent brown trout stream with some fish reaching gigantic proportions. It is a blue ribbon trout stream and it is close to a metro locale so it is heavily fished. (08/16/08)
Bryan Silvey (Silvey) wrote - This river is divided into three sections with the construction of two dams, Jordanelle and Deer Creek. We have the upper, middle, and lower sections. The middle section tends to be the most productive. Average flow on the middle sections is around 250 cfs. The middle section of river holds mostly Browns, but the occasional Rainbow can be found as well. The middle section of river tends to be very crowded, especially on weekends and holidays. Dry flies are productive on most days. Fish over 20 inches are caught here almost on a daily basis. (05/19/08)
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Shop Guide Service Lodge School (Classes) Travel Rods Manufacturer
Guide Service Tenkara Guides
Salt Lake City, UT
Salt Lake City, Utah
Fly Drifters of Utah
4050 W Pine Flats Court, South Jordan
Salt Lake City, Utah
Utah Fly Guides
24-7 Provo River
Salt Lake City, Utah
Park City Excursions
51 west center #200, Orem, Ut
Park City, Utah
Guide Service Freestone Guides
8450 Gambel Drive
Park City, Utah
Guide Service Steve McFarland
8221 E 500 S
Huntsville, Utah
Guide Service Jans Mountain Outfitters
1600 Park Avenue
Park City, Utah
Four Seasons Fly Fishers
44 West 100 South
Heber City, Utah
Western Rivers Flyfisher
1071 E. 900 S.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Four Seasons Fly Fishers
44 West 100 South
Heber City, Utah
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Steven Rogers (Sunsu2277 )
Fished the Provo with Wasatch Guide Service, ERIC. Mostly nymphing right now with small cadis pupa. Several real nice 14 inch browns. Fish are really strong in this area fighting the running water. Bite seems to be around the afternoon time and picks up as the day goes by. The size of the fish increase as well. (1/19/13)
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