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Fly Fishing the Provo River (Middle) in Utah

Provo River (Middle) summary

Provo River (Middle) is a fly fishing location in Utah. This destination has an elevation of approximately 5803 feet. Please view the pinpointed location for Provo River (Middle) on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).

Provo River (Middle) reports

Robert Bridge (theriverfisher) reported - 3 - Fair fly fishing: Water a little high, but running clear. 31 MAY 2010. Fish DEEP! If you are not hitting bottom, you are not catching fish. San Juan Worm, Bead-head Hares Ear, and stonflies are the ticket. Have fun and say hello to your fellow anglers. (06/02/10)
Sal Motrutta (Four Seasons) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Middle Provo: 730 c.f.s. 43 degrees Fahrenheit

Ah yes... The magical time is approaching on the Middle River where the infamous Green Drake emergence will take place. Post high water fishes generally slip into a state of food coma. Things have been so good for these fishes for the past several weeks that they more or less come off the hunt and wait for things to happen. The Green Drake emergence is usually the trigger for desert after Thanksgiving dinner.
If you find yourself out there on the Middle before the Drakes and nothing is happening: fish slightly flashier bugs and stick to the staple non-hatching bugs like sows and worms. If you deliver the fly with stealth and put it directly in harms way - a fish will eat it regardless of what is happening or not happening.
Expect Green Drakes to come off during the high temperature period of the day. When it happens - you will know it. You can find artificial representations of the complete life cycle of a Green Drake at our fly shop. We will look forward to helping you get the right fly for the right situation. After all: this fishing report is sponsored by the fly sales (06/17/09)
Sal Motrutta (Four Seasons) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Middle Provo: 1200 c.f.s. 41 degrees Fahrenheit

The stream flows on the Upper River are starting to subside. This is the week where we will experience the Provo River Restoration Project's simulated spring release on the Middle River. If everything goes according to schedule: what we can expect to see is a sustained flow at or around 1500 c.f.s. up until the Upper River starts to subside. CUWCD will probably match the inlet flows with outlet flows on Jordanelle at that time. Those flows will probably translate on to the Lower River as well. Keep an eye on this trend: the infamous Green Drake hatch is usually quick to follow the drop in stream flows. We will keep you posted on that one!
With all of that stream flow stuff stated - fishing has been consistent on the Middle River. The trick is that the fish will be holding in that medium paced, medium depth of water. Right now that means you need to fish from the bank and into the narrow corridor that usually hugs the bank. If you do this effectively: you will find the fish and it really does not even require a whole ton of split shot. The FSF San Wiggler in red, wine and worm brown have been top producers. Sows, mayfly nymphs and stonefly nymphs have also been equally productive. You may see some scattered caddis out and about. Don't be shy about fishing green caddis pupa either. If you like fishing impressionistic patterns (i.e. princes, pheasant tails, hares ears etc...) this is your time to shine. The fishes on the Middle are not being as pattern specific as they are depth and speed specific. Get out there and have a great time!
Cyndi Bryant (Mae Fly) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: The Middle Provo river had been holding steady at around 600 cfs and was fishing well during the runoff. However, the water level was raised to 994 cfs this week and the fishing is proportionately tougher as these Brown Trout endure what should be the tail end of our spring runoff out of the Jordanelle Dam. The water temperature has been running between 42 and 44 degrees with baetis nymphs, San Juan worm, sow bug and midge patterns being productive. (05/30/09)
Cyndi Bryant (Mae Fly) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Your map is not accurately depicting where the different legs of the Provo River are located: the Middle Provo, the Upper Provo, etc. FFC, pls check your map locations for accuracy. Most of the Provo River sections you list on your website are not located where you have them placed on the map. (05/30/09)
Sal Motrutta (Four Seasons) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: The Middle Provo River is just slightly over the target flow of 350 – 450 c.f.s. This target was established as the optimum flow level for the health of the river throughout the Provo River Restoration efforts. Those same guidelines established the 150 c.f.s. minimum that we have been fishing since last November. The crazy thing about this year in particular is that there are no forecasted channel repairs, dam repairs or road construction that might obstruct that natural ‘flow’ of things. I can’t remember the last time the planets aligned in such a manner.
The blue wing thing is slowly but surely wrapping itself up. There may be some sporadic emergences to be seen yet; but this is the exception and not the rule. Sub surface, deep dead drift presentations will be most effective. Skwalla stoneflies are out and about. Large, dark bodied stonefly nymphs will be a wise choice right about now. Sow bugs and bright worms will also produce well in these conditions. Be creative. The fish are opportunistically feeding. The spike in flows will churn all sorts of fishy goodies up and the trout are into it! (04/29/09)
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Provo River (Middle) descriptions

Andy Idema (aidema) wrote - The Middle Provo, thank you to Jordanelle Dam, is a premier trout fly fishing destination. Since the dam the Middle Provo is a blue ribbon water with excellent habitat and great hatches. Fly anglers can expect to catch browns and rainbows. (08/16/08)
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Shop Guide Service Lodge School (Classes) Travel Rods Manufacturer
Guide Service Tenkara Guides
Salt Lake City, UT
Salt Lake City, Utah
Fly Drifters of Utah
4050 W Pine Flats Court, South Jordan
Salt Lake City, Utah
Utah Fly Guides
24-7 Provo River
Salt Lake City, Utah
Park City Excursions
51 west center #200, Orem, Ut
Park City, Utah
Guide Service Freestone Guides
8450 Gambel Drive
Park City, Utah
Four Seasons Fly Fishers
44 West 100 South
Heber City, Utah
Western Rivers Flyfisher
1071 E. 900 S.
Salt Lake City, Utah
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