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Fly Fishing the UM Creek in Utah

UM Creek summary

UM Creek is a fly fishing location in Utah. This destination has an elevation of approximately 8824 feet. Please view the pinpointed location for UM Creek on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).

UM Creek reports

Mike james (quietflyfisher) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Fly Fished yesterday on U.M Creek again. It was A perfect day in 1 and half hours we caught over A dozen Beautifull Cutt's the biggest being around 15 inches the smallest around 8 inches. (12/30/08)
Mike james (quietflyfisher) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Quiet Fly Fisher Guide service southern Utah fly fishing Report: Hi Guys. The fly fishing this last Month has been fantastic. The biggest being this 32 inch Tiger Musky. Pictured. This is A once in a life time opportunity to Catch these Toothy Monsters... I had my 4 year old Son Jasper with me and he kept Yelling "Dad! It's A huge Python!!!" I caught two of these after finally realizing that 25 pound test was not going to work, Had to use about 50lb test before they wouldn't just cut through the line like butter. Even still, once hooked they darn near spool you with A most impressive HARD RUN!! one of the best I have ever had.... Then to top it all off on the way back to the Car Jasper slipped!!! Both feet going in the Water, he was terrified that one of those huge fish was going to eat him!!! Note The way I'm fishing for these will only last this year you must get here before the end of September if you want to try your luck at one of these Beasts!!!. U.M Creek. The Fishing has been amazing up their, Perfect Dry Fly conditions... A hopper Fished right along the seam lines in to the Grassy Banks is pulling a lot of great little Cutt's and a few very nice tiger trout. SEVEN-MILE CREEK: Again a little slice of Dry Fly Heaven... You will want plenty of Hopper patterns up this time of year... some favorite colors are Green. Tan, and Black. A SZ. 12 royal Wulff is a lot of fun to. BOULDER MOUNTAIN: The crowds are gone.... And the Baetis hatches are in full swing... Spent the whole day alone on several lakes up there A hopper on the Surface was A excellent way to Go with fish coming in almost every cast.... If you can make it the time for the Boulder Mountain is now.... The Brookies are nice and fat as well as the Cutthroat. OTTER CREEK RES: I Stopped on my way home and Fished right at the Spill Way for 30 minutes... I was alone which was odd for that place... However I used my deep Nymph Rig and caught 5 fish in the time I was there Biggest ran 4 12 pounds the smallest was nearly 2 pounds it was well worth the look. My flies were Hares hear and Prince. TOP FLIES FOR YOUR BOX IF YOU COME. Hopper Patterns Sz 12.... Prince Nymphs bead head. Sz 1416 and 18. Hares Ear.... Sz 1214 and 16 Adams both Parachute and Standard Sz. 1214. Streamers are just coming in to their own as well Buggers in Green and Brown Sz. 68 should cover it. Quiet Fly Fisher Guide ServiceFly Shop 296 west 300 south Loa UT 84747 www.quietflyfisher.com TEL:1-435-836-2319 Cel: 1-435-691-1444 (12/30/08)
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