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Fly Fishing the Hickory Creek in Illinois

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Hickory Creek summary

Hickory Creek is a fly fishing location in Illinois.

Hickory Creek reports

issom beituni (Smallmouthfisher) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: I been out in the creek a few times these past weeks... We had alot of rain but with the water levels dropping and getting clearer I been hitting the river.. the fly of choice is a mickey finn size 10 and the smallies are going crazy (07/04/09)
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Hickory Creek comments and ratings

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Patrick McCarthy (patmccarthy68)
This is great flyfishing water. Tons of smallmouth and panfish. Occasional pike and huge carp as well. (1/19/13)
issom beituni (Smallmouthfisher)
We need to Chat I fly fish HC all the time (1/19/13)
Patrick McCarthy (patmccarthy68)
Hey issom. I'd love to hit the creek with ya. I'm ready today, and it's February and shit! (1/19/13)
issom beituni (Smallmouthfisher)
I went yesterday by I 80 and wanted to go up to the vfw but it was like the nile way to fast and way to muddy... I am new to fly fishing how long ha ve you been (1/19/13)
Patrick McCarthy (patmccarthy68)
i'm waiting for some nicer weather for sure. been flyfishing for a few years only. trying to master baitcasting for a few years now too.<br>first nice weather, let's get together. i go by my house here in new lenox, off west circle drive. (1/19/13)

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