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Fly Fishing the Mississipi River (Upper) in Minnesota

Mississipi River (Upper) summary

Mississipi River (Upper) is a fly fishing location in Minnesota. This destination has an elevation of approximately 656 feet. Please view the pinpointed location for Mississipi River (Upper) on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).

Mississipi River (Upper) reports

Kip Vieth (Wildwood) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Water continues to jump around due to the rain. Despite this fish are being caught. Look to rock structure that provides seems and feeding lanes. Top water is working along with baitfish patterns. We still have opening for September which is the best month to hunt bigger fish. (08/13/10)
David Neese (djndpm) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: For the past several weekends the smallmouth have been willing to take a clouser minnow, or BHPN size 10. Casted upsream with a slow quartering downstream. Best when bouncing off the bottom. The take always seems different in the winter to me. Slower and more subtle. Wind not cold is the enemy. (01/24/10)
Kip Vieth (WildwoodFloatTrips) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Things are starting to heat up. Bass are starting to take top water presentations and minnows patterns are productive as always. (06/11/09)
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Mississipi River (Upper) businesses

Shop Guide Service Lodge School (Classes) Travel Rods Manufacturer
Wildwood Float Trips
8852 County Rd 39 NE
Monticello, Minnesota
Guide Service Rustic Remedies
49443 Choke Cherry Lane
Marcell, Minnesota
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