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Fly Fishing the Oak Orchard River in New York

Oak Orchard River summary

Oak Orchard River is a fly fishing location in New York. This destination has an elevation of approximately 626 feet. Please view the pinpointed location for Oak Orchard River on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).

Oak Orchard River reports

Andrea Larko (larko) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: Fishing in Oak Orchard this past weekend with such nice weather had its ups and downs. Saw a few browns caught but the fish were sluggish at best. The turbines still had yet to be turned on so the warmer water and warm weather made fishing for Kings a little more difficult than I had planned. Don't get me wrong, many salmon were caught early morning and seemed to stack up 2 hours before and up until dark seemed to be the best time, but during the day the snaggers were mainly the only ones with any luck. Leeches seemed to do well in a variety of colors and a fly I actually made up seemed to give me the best luck. Tied on a size 4 Black Sabre Hook, it had a hot pink floss butt, purple floss body with a silver oval tinsel rib and grizzly hackle front on a spey sink line. They LOVED it! Also had luck on pink and orange sucker spawn patterns with a mix of chenille, diamond braid and wool yarn in the morning. If you'd like to see any pictures of the flies I had the best luck with that I made up let me know and I can post pics. I'll be going back to the Archers Club in 2 weeks hopefully with more luck than just landing 2 all weekend, when the water is cooler, the turbines are back on and the Salmon are running all day. Until then, Happy Fishing! (10/11/11)
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