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Fly Fishing the Norfork River (White River, North Fork) in Arkansas

Norfork River (White River, North Fork) summary

Norfork River (White River, North Fork) is a fly fishing location in Arkansas. This destination has an elevation of approximately 398 feet. Please view the pinpointed location for Norfork River (White River, North Fork) on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).

Norfork River (White River, North Fork) reports

Larry Babin (cookie) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing: As the Norfork lake continues to drop and is now 7' below power pool, generation is beginning to subside. In fact, the Norfork tailwater offers wadable conditions thoughout the day as fishing continues to intensify. The best producers are zebra midges in a variety of colors. Particularly black, blue, purple, and pearl in sizes #18-#22. In addition, chironomid pearl braid midges in peacock and red have proven deadly in fast, shallow riffles (tip: implement pink tungsten beads in you midges for even more action especailly on overcast days). Eggs such as the Miracle fly are also hot in fl. fire orange, dark roe, and peach... even better with an olive sowbug dropper. (The 1/100 jig hook is available through the fly shop in #100 or #10 packs). The ever consistent SJ worm is also a go-to pattern late in micro cerise, fl. fire orange, or fl. pink. Leon Goforth of TN can attest to that. He landed a 31" brown below the Norfork dam in late October. Brooks and cutthroats are abundant while trophy browns continue to converge on the upper sections of river. The temperatures have been far from brutal cold as of late and their are very few anglers on either tailwater. December and January offer some of the year's best fishing without the pressure. (08/03/15)
Dennis Reed (WildBearFlies) reported - 4 - Poor fly fishing: Fished the Norfork River on Friday night/Saturday morning of the Conclave. Generation began around midnight and quit between 12:30 and 1:00. I fished the pool below where Dry Run Creek runs in with little success. Fishing may have been great during the day, with the low DO it wasn't at night. The spectacular night sky, with a billion stars all around, (stealing from an Eagles song), and a sliver of a harvest moon coming up over the dam almost made up for it though. (08/03/15)
Larry Babin (cookie) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: It's amazing what a wonderful fishery the Norfork tailwater can be drifting on one unit (50% capacity). Not only is the change of season an awesome sight but the fact that our lilttle tailwater jewel blossoms this time of year with healthy fish pushing up river and aggressively feeding makes it even better. With an abundance of weeping foliage along the banks, hopper action is still ripe. This week we were fortunate enough to guide a wonderful Texas couple on our home waters to deliver a taste of what this fantastic fishery can offer. Although new to fly fishing, both were able to land a number of fish on hoppers including a number of wonderful cutthroats in the 16"-18" range. In addition, rainbows and a handful of well fed browns paid a short visit to our net. October is by far our busiest month of the season. Visit and fish with us to find out why! (08/03/15)
Dennis Reed (WildBearFlies) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: I fished the Norfork tail water below Norfork Dam on Saturday. I started fishing at 6 a.m. At 7 a.m. they turned on one generator for approximately an hour then they shut down. I was fishing my St. Croix Legend 3/4 weight with 5 X tippet. I had my best day ever fishing that river. At two different times corn chunkers pulled their boats right where I was casting until they got frustrated and moved on because I was catching more fish then they were. Most of the trout were rainbows, but there were also a few browns. The largest was a rainbow of about 16 inches that was shaped like a football. i finally quit around noon to give my casting arm some rest (09/08/10)
Dennis Reed (WildBearFlies) reported - 4 - Poor fly fishing: Coming back from Branson after helping with Project Healing Waters I fished the Norfork up by the dam. The White was running red from all of the rain. The Norfork was slow because it was the only place to fish and had been hit hard. I did hook one nice one on a damsel fly pattern dead drifted. You notice I said hooked not landed. (09/08/10)
Rick Coffman (Rick Coffman) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing: Fished below Norfork dam 0n Sunday, May 17. We brought the canoe and floated downstream below the crowd and slayed them. 20 fish in 3 hours. Nothing with any size, but caught Rainbows, Browns, and cutthroats all in in one trip. (09/08/10)
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Norfork River (White River, North Fork) businesses

Shop Guide Service Lodge School (Classes) Travel Rods Manufacturer
Hogs on the Fly
216 Oak Summit Drive
Mountain Home, Arkansas
Berry Brothers Guide Service
408 Combs Avenue
Cotter, Arkansas
Just Fishin' Guides
2309 SE 16th
Bentonville, Arkansas
Guide Service White River Fly Guide
10644 Hwy 62E
Harrison, Arkansas
Mountain River Fly Shop
1200 West Main No.7
Cotter, Arkansas
Blue Ribbon Fly Shop
1343 Hwy 5 South
Mountain Home, Arkansas
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Norfork River (White River, North Fork) comments and ratings

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tyler fox (foxboy1122)
were is this in mo? (1/19/13)
Ken Morrow (phwffsouth)
nfow also has stocked brown trout that get pretty darned big. it is really a float-fishing sort of deal. in summer...like many ozark rivers...the recreational canoe/tube traffic is so thick that fishing becomes impractical. i highly recommend this place: (1/19/13)
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Norfork River (White River, North Fork) questions and answers

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Jeff Vann (FISHBONZ)
We will be making a trip in March and will be staying at the Sunburst Ranch. Any thoughts on how to fish, where to fish, what to use etc would be greatly appreciated. It will be our first visit. (1)   |  Reply

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