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Fly Fishing the Ausable River (West Branch) in New York

Ausable River (West Branch) summary

Ausable River (West Branch) is a fly fishing location in New York . This destination has an elevation of approximately 95 feet. Please view the pinpointed location for Ausable River (West Branch) on the Google Map to the right. If you'd like directions to this destination, please click here for directions (provided via Google Maps).

Ausable River (West Branch) reports

Jeffrey Clark (frksinatra) reported - 4 - Poor fly fishing: This morning I received some disturbing news regarding development plans along the West Branch of the Ausable river in Wilmington, NY.
The developers are planning to build 20 townhouses along route 86 next to the town park. This means at least 40 cars if not more. This area is a great place for families and anglers who are not able to get in the water and wade the more treacherous areas of the river. It is also the designated handicapped fishing area. Of course the developers promise the town tax revenues, permit fees and any other money they can to help a small town in debt. As we know these townhouses will cause more harm than good and will eventually destroy what most call 'the east coasts best trout stream', and when it's all said and done the money will be wasted and so will the river and the trout with it. Chances are I will never catch a wild brookie there again. Last month as we were fishing the 'Triple Hatch', we watched in horror as a poor man's party boat with a Evenride churning up the river and leaving an oil slick that stuck to my canoe.
What disturbs me more is that the owner of 'The Hungry Trout'
restaurant/lodge and fly shop is on the planning board in Wilmington.
Doesn't TU spend a whole week in the spring on the Ausable and stay at The Hungry Trout? Did the Hungry Trout inform this news to TU?
This is a pic of the 'frog pond' (with Osprey in flight) from the peninsula adjacent to the town beach. The river runs between the bushes and the trees on the left and past the pond and past the beach. The shore on the right is where they plan to develop. Most likely they will have to change the shoreline to accommodate their access to the beach. They will tell you everything will be fine. We know this is a lie. They will say that there will not be any more development after this one. We know that is a lie. They say the money will save the town. We know that is a lie.
Is this beautiful scenery worth property taxes?
Please let me know what we can do to investigate this problem.
The owner of the Hungry Trout did not talk to Trout Unlimited about this. Trout Unlimited found out from me. This email was from the the owner of the Hungry Trouth Motel on RT 86 in Wilmington, who also happens to be for this and on the town planning board:
Ron, be not disturbed.....
At most, 20 townhouses 100's of yds away from the lake. No runoff, no pollution in river, no wetlands in danger, APA has approved. I'm on the Zoning Board....we're all over it. When fully occupied...120 people. Many townsfolk in favor, many against. Would bring more jobs, tax revenues for strapped town and bankrupt school district vs: no growth. Tabled for now as one of the principals is ill but getting better. More news in the fall. Very reputable builders.
May or may not happen.
Jerry Bottcher, Hungry Trout

Please help save the river. Please email or call Trout Unlimited local chapter and conservation office, along with the owner of the Hungry Trout and show you displeasure before it's too late. Help save one of the great Northeast trout rivers.
028 - Catskill Mountain
Chapter President: Frank Baker
12 Francis Drive
Highland, NY 12528
Phone: 845-399-5938
Email: ronsgonefishing@aol.com
Website: http://www.cmtu.org
Elizabeth Maclin, VP Eastern Conservation
1300 North 17th Street, #500
Arlington, VA 22209-3801
(703) 284-9437
The Hungry Trout Resort • 5239 Route 86 • Wilmington NY • 12997 • ph : 518-946-2217
info@hungrytrout.com • Toll Free USA : 1-800-766-9137

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Ausable River (West Branch) descriptions

Dave Brookman (brookie12) wrote - This river is in the top ten of the best rivers in the east, with pocket water,deep plunging holes ans long runs it offers a chalange to to all fly fishers, it holds large browns and rainbows and some nice brook trout too; A 8ft 5wt or a 9ft 5wt would do the trick. Stop in at the Ausable River Two Fly shop in the center of town,Tom conway owner and Brookie Brookman will help to put you on to the right spot to fish (05/12/10)
Andy Idema (aidema) wrote - The West Branch of the Ausable River is located in Northeastern New York and offers fly anglers some excellent trout water. It has a high oxygen level and diverse fish cover. That combined with a healthy bug population and a steady year round temperature means good sized trout (avg is 10 to 18 with many fish over 20). Fly fishing is excellent and some anglers consider it the most scenic and productive trout stream in the East. (08/10/08)
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Ausable River (West Branch) businesses

Shop Guide Service Lodge School (Classes) Travel Rods Manufacturer
Guide Service Adkflyfishing Adventures
230 Stockfarm
Chestertown, New York
Guide Service AuSable RiverTwo Fly Shop/Guide service
5698 N.Y.S rt 86 Wilmington, N.Y. 12997
Wilmington, New York
AuSable River Two Fly Shop
5698 N.Y.S. Rt 86
Wilmington, New York
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Ausable River (West Branch) comments and ratings

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Matthew Rowe (ThisJourney)
Definitely the most scenic river I've ever fished. All points easily accessible from the road. (1/19/13)
Dave Brookman (brookie12)
The w.Branch of the AuSable River has recieved a good stockin of browns and rainbows over the last few weeks,and caddis and small black stones and BWO have been taking them. (1/19/13)
Dave Brookman (brookie12)
A new fly shop will be coming soon to Wilmington,N.Y it will be right in the center of town next to the Candy man it;s a full service fly shop called the AuSable River Two Fly Shop, stop in and say hi to Tom Conway and Brookie Brookman (1/19/13)
Dave Brookman (brookie12)
Both Tom conway and Dave(BrookIe) Brookman and the staff of The AuSable River Two fly Shop will be glad to see old friends and make new ones.Stop in and say hi and let us help make your trip to the West Branch of The AuSable River the best it can be. (1/19/13)
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