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Jim Maslanka (jimmaslanka)

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Neophyte fly fisherman. Spent two days in late June on the Ausable River day-fishing for Brook Trout. Loved it. Looking to do the same in SW Michigan.
State: Michigan.
City: Lakeside

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Jim Maslanka (jimmaslanka) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing on the Au Sable River (South Branch), Michigan
Last Tuesday, Sept 4, I spent some time with a guide from Gates AuSable Lodge on an on-water instructional session. Gates set me up with guide Joe Guild. Joe spent some pre-water time with me checking my fly casting technique and suggesting improvements, reviewing important knots that are useful, and discussed various flies that will be useful at this time of the year. We went out to a section of the South Branch that is just North of M-72 and is just East of South Stephan Bridge Rd. The access point was at Treutner Rd. The water was shin-to-thigh deep so we opted to "wet wade", i.e., no waders. Weather was in the mid-70s, partly cloudy, and mild wind. It had rained lightly overnight, but nice during the day. Fishing time: 11am - 3pm. While on the water, Joe discussed how to read the water, what were good fishing conditions, and where the optimal targets were. True to his word, I caught two Brookies - one an undersized 5-incher and the other a nice 8-inch-plus beauty. I caught both of them on a Parachute Adams fly. This is the second time I've been out fly fishing, both times out of Gates on guided on-water wading trips. I would strongly recommend taking this route if you are starting. By the way, I've heard that their guided boat trips are outstanding, but I'm not ready for that yet. (09/11/12)
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Andy Idema (aidema)
Erie, Colorado
Boulder County

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Shop Guide Service Lodge School (Classes) Travel Rods Manufacturer
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