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Emil Leum (Emilleum)

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I am a 30 yr., USArmy, Ret., Disab., soldier, from 3 wars, latest Baghdad, 2004-2006, where I lost my soldiers, commander, along with most use of both arms, , have PTSD/Traumatic Brain Injuries, have been working through the Healing Waters Program, Charlotte, Ashville, and Atlanta Chapter, fly tying and fly fishing, worked, assisting groups, fishing mostly in TN, (South Holston, Wautauga), NC, (Wilson Creek, Nantahala, Stone Mountain), also retired from public school teaching, after 35 yrs., 28 yr., Florence, have been searching for fly tyers, in this area, you can always contact me on my cell, at: 843-687-0256.
County: Florence County
State: South Carolina.
City: Florence

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Andy Idema (aidema)
Erie, Colorado
Boulder County

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Shop Guide Service Lodge School (Classes) Travel Rods Manufacturer
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Andy Idema (aidema)
Erie, Colorado
Boulder County

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