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tyler dqy (tylerdayflyguy)

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I love fishing and Once I seen someone fly fishing in a stocked trout streem I seen the beauty and the magic ot has I was just in aww that something so simple attracted me like a bug to a light and he was the only one catching anything lol I asked if I could try it and I cought on extremely Fast I had my first trout on the fly in under 5 minutes me and the guy were shocked about how I learned it so fast it was like the rod was ment to be in my hand and how u can catch the smallest fish and it still be fun I'm about to get my first fly trying kit so I can be a real fly fishermen cost I don't thank you r a true fly fishermen unless you can tie your own fly but that's just me it sucks that I live kinda far from trout streems and I have no car but I can and do walk to the river its still fun to catch bass on the fly but that's how I got started and my love for the art got started I'm a really friendly and easy to get along with so I'f anyone wants to fish some of the parts I know they stock hit me up on face book I'm the only Billy Tyler day in Logan county west Virginia and thank you
County: Logan County
State: West Virginia.
City: Chapmanville

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