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tyler fox (foxboy1122)

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well.... im a very new fly fisherman and just started makeing my own flys i got started by my teacher who is a huge fly fisherman. one day we had a reward deal and he brought in is fly tying suff and i watched him make a few and he let me make one and i thought that it was fun and now im doing do this.
State: Missouri.

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tyler fox (foxboy1122) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing on the Crane Creek, Missouri
cought 3 big pan fish, almost had a bass but jumped out of the water and missed the hook. he was good size. overal i think it was a good day. (05/25/08)
tyler fox (foxboy1122) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing on the Lake Taneycomo, Missouri
cought my first 3 fish on a fly rod 2 good size blue gill and one small bass (12/30/08)
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tyler fox (foxboy1122)
go to copperfly.net (4/30/11)

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Kip Russell (krussell)
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jared Blaschke (Gudfshn3)
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Jared Blaschke (Gudfshn3)
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Kip Russell (krussell)
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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