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matt guymon (localwaters)

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I live and breathe fishing I try to make it out two times a week if not more. My other passions are photograghing the outdoors and the acoustic guitar, i'm a singer song writer. In my spare time i like to tie up the latest patterns on the vise.
State: Utah.
City: Roy

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matt guymon (localwaters) reported - 1 - Excellent fly fishing on the Weber River, Utah
Weber river above taggart (12/30/08)
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shanya davis (shanya )
those are cool picturs , i went fly fishing with my dad last weekend for my first time (4/30/11)
Robert Wolfe (rfwolfe)
Thanks for the 10 (4/30/11)
Bryan Silvey (Silvey)
nice fish matt, see ya on the Wheeb! (4/30/11)
matt hartman (plumbfish)
Hey thanks for the 10 rating - first time posting photos i wasnt sure i had it right (4/30/11)
brooks jessen (mtflyfishguide)
thanks matt (4/30/11)
Rick Coffman (Rick Coffman)
Best trout pics ever. How about a calender? (4/30/11)
Jim Landis (bigfly)
Glad you enjoyed the photo. Many ties for one good one. Camera is under water, I'm not. (4/30/11)
Jim Landis (bigfly)
You have to love big ephemorallia. Trout sure do. (4/30/11)
John Ndungu (premiumfishingflies)
do have nice flies to offer.<br>john@premiumfishingflies.com (4/30/11)
Colorado Angler (ColoradoAngler)
Thanks for the comment, Matt. How's the fishing there in Utah? I was born and raised in Ogden...made my bones on the Ogden, Weber and Provo... (4/30/11)
Josh C (bigerrfish)
thanks for the coment matt im lucky to have the chance to make another one of us (4/30/11)
Jason Ostrander (greyreefanglers)
Hey thanks for the comments. I checked out your photos, they are awesome! (4/30/11)
Brian Minich (minich83)
Thanks Matt. There is nothing like fresh steelhead. We were only 50yds from the lake. Lots of fight! (4/30/11)
Brian Minich (minich83)
Thanks Matt. Nothing like fresh run steelhead. We were only 50yds from the lake. Lots of fight! (4/30/11)
Brian Minich (minich83)
Nice pics Matt. Pretty fish! (4/30/11)
Andy Idema (aidema)
Matt, this contest is right up your alley... /fishphoto (4/30/11)
Matthew Patterson (mattyp)
great pics, matt. i really like the winter shots. duch a great time to fish. (4/30/11)
Riley Gudakunst (TroutSlayer1)
man matt you got some kick ass pics!! love em keep them comin (4/30/11)
Riley Gudakunst (TroutSlayer1)
hey matt! hey i was wonderin if you had any substitutes on the deer hair for the articulated sculpin? kuz i have a nasty deer hair allergy. just wonderin...thanks man! (4/30/11)
Erik Hartle (troutslayer2)
thanks for the comment saying you like it...and thanks for telling me where to find it to make, I know this fly is gonna be a killer for smallies on the river...thanks again Matt! (4/30/11)
Brian Minich (minich83)
Thanks Matt. Finally the ice and high water is gone which led to the first day on the river this spring and some great fishing! (4/30/11)
Brian Minich (minich83)
Thanks Matt. It was a great looking fish! (4/30/11)
blake hunter (awesomnessity)
No way! you hear that voice too? that little colorado voice whispering.... "the monsters are waiting". Every time I leave colorado that voice haunts me daily. (4/30/11)
Andy Idema (aidema)
Sup Matt. I'm thinking of hiking/camping in the CO mtns coming up and am going to toss some of those streamers. I'll post reports when I get back. (6/1/10)

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