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laura friess (lulu)

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State: Maryland.
City: Great Mills

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David Pascoe (depascoe)
hey laura, where are the pics (4/30/11)
David Pascoe (depascoe)
Just get on some good water (Iknow there's plenty near you)and throw some good reliable standby's. Maybe start with an Adam's or prince nymph to search out a few fish. The bugs this time of year tend to be a little small so don't go much bigger than a 14 or 16 (4/30/11)
David Pascoe (depascoe)
P.S. Have you ever been to Au Sable. Going this weekend. (4/30/11)
David Pascoe (depascoe)
Yeah Laura, Au Sable is in Michigan (there's one in New York, too but it's Ausable instead of Au Sable). You don't need to go that far for a good fishing trip though, it just happens to be an easy drive from me. Seems like I read once about a Savage river or gunpowder river that holds good trout in maryland. It's not a huge state. Can't be too far of a drive. (4/30/11)
David Pascoe (depascoe)
I see too that you fish the Potomac. Supposed to be nice largemouth in there. Some rabbit fur leeches or poppers should do the trick on those. (4/30/11)
David Pascoe (depascoe)
Yeah, the au sable is in MI, but there are should be some good fishing near you too. I know I have read about the savage river in MD and nice largemouth in the potomac. Try some bunny leeches and deer hair poppers for those monsters of the potomac (4/30/11)
David Pascoe (depascoe)
Yeah, Au Sable is in Michigan, but there are some good rivers near you. Some leech patterns or poppers may take some good bass on the Potomac. It also seems that I read something about a river called the Savage or something like that in Maryland (4/30/11)
David Pascoe (depascoe)
Au Sable is in michigan, but it seems like there should be good fishing in Maryland. The bass in the Potomac should take some leech patterns or clousers (4/30/11)

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