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Mark Stroda (mtflyfishers)

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Montana Fly Fishers is owned and operated by Mark Stroda 28 year veteran of the Big Horn River. We have an all inclusive fly fishing lodge with a private chef, large rooms, private baths. Package Deals available. / www.Montanaflyfisher com
County: Big Horn County
State: Montana.
City: Fort Smith

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Mark Stroda (mtflyfishers) reported - 2 - Good fly fishing on the Bighorn River, Montana
We are fishing to some dries these days little midges. The reservor behind us is 90% and there is 100% snow pack in the BigHorn Mountains. So water is lookin really good for the BigHorn River this coming season. Run off usually comes in June. May fishing is excellent with two dry hatches going on Midges and Blue Wing Olives. (03/07/09)
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Sam Wike (loop)
actually we really don't get over to the Big horn much since we have the Missouri which is a great tailwater right here. Although we keep talking about making a trip down there, between the Mo and the Bighorn...that covers most of the fishable water in the state right now with all the high water. We fish the Smith, Missouri, Sun, Belt, Big Hole, Mady, Beave, Ruby, Jeff, Gallatin, Marias, Big Spring etc... (4/30/11)
Jack C. Mauer (Wapiti)
Mark, I don't think we have met. I like your site and am interested in the Big Horn - I don't get over there much, but you "never know." (4/30/11)
Mark Stroda (mtflyfishers)
The Horn is running around 7,200 cfs right now. Clear and fishing great. We call it a Timex River takes a licking and keeps on fishing. (4/30/11)

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Shop Guide Service Lodge School (Classes) Travel Rods Manufacturer
Montana Fly Fishers
111 Front Drive Fort Smith, MT. 59035
Fort Smith, Montana
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Sam Wike (loop)
Great Falls, Montana
Jack C. Mauer (Wapiti)
Victor, Montana

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