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peter moyer (brookiehunter619)

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Started trout fishing when I was four in the three foot wide spring brook that ran through my yard in Starksboro.Moved to a house right on the upper New Haven river when I was ten.Trout fishing has been a life pursuit for me.I often scout for remote ponds and swamps high in the green mountains for native brookies.Sometimes i will hike in for miles to find that the frozen pond i spied while deer hunting is nothing more than a shallow,troutless beaver bog.Other times i'm rewarded greatly. Good luck to all and please catch and release wild trout.(but keep some stockies for the smoker!)
State: Vermont.
City: Starksboro

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Josh C (bigerrfish)
Hey sorry bout that low rating it was supposed to be a 10 (4/30/11)

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